Friday, March 19, 2010

Woo Ga Chon Korean BBQ @ Sunway Mentari Business Park 2

Have known the existence of this BBQ Restaurant months ago as I always traveled along the main road it is situated at. Always wanted to try it but unfortunately people that I do know doesn't really fancy Koreans a lot.

Not until one Sunday, where I dragged my parents to join me a late lunch for the Korean as I was craving for it badly.

By the time we patronized, they were only us the in the whole restaurant. Feels like as though you have booked the whole place and it was very peaceful.
Nice settings and ambiance

Mini Bar

The waitress were quick to attend to us and they were very polite and helpful, introducing and explaining to us the promotions and food that they were having.
The thick and heavy Menu

Korean tea was not my cup of tea, so the best to go was still the pure H20.
H2o in a unique bottle?

Since mum and dad was rushing, I have to forgo my BBQ dishes and opted for the set lunch. The set lunch was priced at RM 13.90++ with a choice of Stir Fried Kimchi Chicken, Seafood, Pork or Beef . It comes with a rice and a lot of side dishes too.
Seafood Kimchi Bokum
Also known as Stir Fried Kimchi Seafood. It consists of a big prawn, a mussel, lots of squids, and La la. My first bite leads me to speechless because it was too good. It was full with flavour, the marination, the spiciness and the sweetness were all perfect! I just couldn't stop putting them into my mouth. And it goes so well with the sticky white rice.

Side Dishes
It comes with stir-fried spinach, dried vegetables and stripped melon; hard boiled egg; mashed potatoes; fried anchovies; deep fried prawn and the must have signature dish, the Kimchi.

Shortly, the second set arrived.
Pork Strips Kimchi Bokum
The marination for the pork was even better! Each of the pork strips was full with flavour as though they have been infused with the Kimchi Bokum sauce. They must have marinated these pork strips over night. With the well flavoured tender pork, I gulped in even more rice though I know I shall not. Two thumbs up!

And our last set,
Chicken Kimchi Bokum
The chicken meat was a little soft. Maybe it was due to my after taste of the pork. But, the flavour of the Kimchi Bokum was still at it's best. Now you know what is called "wok hei" in Korean food.

The set does come together with a soup.
Dried Vegetable Soup
The soup was cold and bland. I could only taste the saltiness and the strong hint of the dried vegetable.

The complete set

They served us some fruits too.
Slices of Watermelon

And we were surprised, as they still served us a bowl of dessert.
Barley Dessert
I suppose it was Barley. Anyway, the dessert was cold and tasted a little too sweet for my likings.

At the end of the meal, we were all so full, thanks to the generous portion of the food being served. The bill came up to RM 45.85 after 10% of service charges. Making things better, they did not even charge us for the bottle of water in which many other restaurant did. Ambiance was perfect, food was fantastic and the unbelievably reasonable price make it a great beginning to my Saturday. Would definitely be back to taste their BBQ stuff!

Atmosphere: 7/10
Food: 8/10 (non-halal)
Price: 8/10

Verdict: The fantastic ambiance and set lunch will lure you to be back for more!

Woo Ga Chon
17-G, Jalan Mentari
PJS 8/10, Bandar Sunway
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-56301051
Business hours: 12pm-10pm
*Closes on Saturday

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  1. Kimchi seafood looks SO good! :D..
    Ur descriptions make my mouth water leh..yummmm


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