Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Roaring Tiger Year Day 2 @ Ipoh [15th Feb 2010]

After the Dim Sum breakfast, Mei Mei asked me on where I would love to go next. She suggested shopping complex or sight seeing. Honestly, I have not been to any of the many temples in Ipoh. Since it was the second day of Chinese New Year, I thought it would be good if we pay a visit to the temple.

I was given the choices of the famous Sam Poh Tong and another temple. However, I opted to pay a visit to the Guan Yin temple since I have the feeling wanting to pay a visit on my previous day when I passed by it. Was this called fate?

Anyway, we went inside the cave to pray first, lighting up joss sticks and the oil candle. There were only a lady was praying and including us, there were only 3 people in the cave. Pretty empty for a temple on the second day. Maybe, it was still early.

After the prayer, we went to walk around at the beautifully landscaped park. It was beautifully decorated creating a warm environment of Chinese New Year atmosphere.

Welcoming Guan Yin Statue from both side

Guan Yin Statue

Stairs leading to?
Would love to climb up, however Mei Mei was on a mini skirt, maybe just next time.

Have to stuck at downstairs

The entrance to the Guan Yin Statue park

Formation of ridge crystal

Love Lock Park

Don't lock, let's rock~

Really can lock?

We are still wondering

Says what?

Ambassador of the day

Red wave of decoration along the pathway

Some Buddhist statue
Those tiny gold pieces hanging on the wall were actually the mini Buddhist statue.

Upon making our way out, we came across a big Chinese chess set that was lying on the floor.
One of the many pieces

The clock was showing 10.15 am and it's time to make a move as we needed to head home respectively for the "Hoi Nin" meal. Though it was just a short period of Ipoh venturing, I did enjoyed it a lot especially at the temple where it was an eye opener for me, my first ever visit to a cave temple.

Thanks Mei Mei for bringing me around=))

After driving around for near to 25 minutes, I finally able to get back to my Aunt's place. Am really sorry Mei Mei, you know, I'm a total lost at Ipoh's road. As soon as I reached, I could hear my mum and aunt calling me to get ready for the "Hoi Nin" meal when my stomach was still full with the early morning dim sum breakfast.

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable
Just love eating them after so many meaty dishes.

Roasted Pork
The previous night roasted pork was lightly pan fried by my Aunt. End result was still a very good roasted pork with crispy skin and tender meat.

Soya Sauce Prawn
A dish prepared by my cousin sister. The prawns were fresh, juicy and flavourful. Cousin sister, don't you realized that you were actually good with the prawns?

Steamed Chicken
Another must have dish during the "Hoi Nin" meal. But for me, chicken again?

Condiments for the Chicken
Best to dip with Steamed Chicken. Just awesome!

Sour Vegetable Soup
There were too many ingredients being dumped into this soup ranging from mushroom, pork meat to chicken feet. The soup tasted a little bit spicy, sour and sweet, much to my likings.

Pork Intestine Soup

The Hoi Nin Meal
Isn't all this a little bit too heavy for a brunch at 11am?

I didn't eat much since I was still quite full. Time to do some packing before heading down to Teluk Intan.

Weather was too hot, needed some Tiger to chill

We left Simpang Pulai at 1.45 pm. We travelled by coastal way to Teluk Intan because we were told that it would be nearer. Traffic was slightly congested, but fortunately, the congestion does not result to a jam.

After more than an hour of drive, passing some town such as Mambang Dekiawan and Langkap, we finally reached the temple at about 3pm meeting up with Uncle Gilbert, Aunt Wendy and Galvin.
Guan Yin Temple at Teluk Intan

"Big Lime, Big Come!"

Dangling Red Lantern

At 5.30pm, we travelled back to KL by coastal way before stopping by at Sekinchan for dinner. By the time I'm home, the clock was already showing 10.30pm. Dread tired, but I need to have a quick shower before heading to Strachan's place for some gaming session. Partnering with Strachan for mahjong was really funny.

Our gaming session ended at 3.30 am and we decided to have our early breakfast at Mcdonalds. I collapsed the moment I'm home by 4.50am. Time for a recharge!


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