Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ushering to Tiger Chinese New Year

After the reunion brunch, we went back to Ipoh. On the previous night, I was told by my friend that the North South Highway will be congested with cars from 12pm to 12am. A call from Auntie Wendy confirmed the truth as she told us she had just reached Rawang area after traveling an hour and a half from the Curve. I suppose the traffic should be better as we left Sunway at 2pm.

Traffic condition heading North
The highway was congested with cars all the way from Sungai Buloh to the lay by area of Ladang Bikam.

110 km/h minus 100 km/h?
Even emergency lane was opened for the usage. However, it was congested as well with the speed averaging at 40 km/h.

Lay by area of Ladang Bikam
It was crazily packed with people and cars. My first time experiencing such congestion.

Instant loo for the ladies

We took some rest by the lay by area for almost half an hour. Ladies were seen queuing for the washroom and the queue line was crazy as it stretches to the outside of the washroom. Mum was no exception, queuing for the washroom as well and it took her almost 20 minutes before reaching her turn. That was really a patience testing session for the ladies.

The traffic somehow got magically smoother when we continued our journey back to Ipoh. Finally, we could travel as fast at 110 km/h.

Beautiful sky for a beautiful reunion=)

The time was showing 6.45pm when we reached our Aunt place at Simpang Pulai. It was total madness as we traveled for near to 5 hours as opposed to the usual 2 hours of traveling to reach Ipoh.

Not long after we unload our stuff, we heard our name was being called by my Aunt. It's time for reunion, and it will be my very first time having reunion dinner at Ipoh.

Yee Sang
An auspicious Chinese dish during the Chinese New Year where everyone toss it with their own chopsticks with the hope of having a better year than the previous one.

Steamed Chicken
A never missed out dish for reunion dinner.

Braised Pork Ribs with Sea Cucumber and Mushroom
One of my favourite dish during each year reunion dinner, sea cucumber and mushroom is just so lovely.

Roasted Pork

Homemade Octopus Fish Ball soup

Stir Fried Pickle Cucumber
A Hainanese dish. Not a dish that I really fancied, just took a slice and it was crunchy though.

Tau Foo Stuffed with Homemade Octopus Fish Paste

It's time to toss, Huat ar!

May the tiger year would be a wonderful and a colourful year for each of us

Red bean soup dessert

By the time I finished my dessert, I could hear the popping and banging sound of fireworks. Couldn't help myself as I drag myself to the outside of the house to check out the happenings. I tell you what, the atmosphere was great with intensive fireworks display and the ferocious banging sound out of it.

A normal scene for kids to gather for fireworks

The kids were busy with the fireworks while the adults were seen busy chatting with each other while drinking at the same time. It was a fantastic atmosphere with free flow of drinks, fantabulous food, friendly people, friends, family members and not forgetting the fireworks that greet you at almost each corner of my eye sight.

The atmosphere was just plainly indescribably awesome, that something is lacking at the town celebration. It may be my first time ushering Chinese New Year in Ipoh, but it would go down to my memories as the best atmospheric Chinese Near Year I ever had to date.

Step step High Rise!

Spidey fireworks

It was almost 12 am, where we saw people busy setting up for some massive fireworks display. I was curious looking on to see does those fireworks pallets looks like as this is my very first seeing in right in front of my eyes.

It's firing up

Happy Chinese New Year 2010!=))

It's time to Roooooaaaaarrr~

Happy Tiger New Year!=)

And obviously, 14th of February marks the Valentines Day as well. So we had a double celebration for this year, hoping it to be a wondrous, prosperous, joyous and a marvelous year for each of us=)

Happy Valentines Day to my family and friends!=)



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