Monday, February 15, 2010

Chef Fatt Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Entering the day two of the tiger year. I got up as early as 6.30am to prepare myself for a breakfast with Mei Mei. Since I'm unfamiliar with Ipoh, we decided to meet up at the Shell Station after the Sam Poh Tong temple. I was really surprised as she arrived way earlier than I do. That proven that she didn't actually practiced Thailand time.

Anyway, our initial plan was to have Dim Sum at the famous Foh San Restaurant. How unfortunate we were as the restaurant was still closed for business. We came across this restaurant and since we don't have much choice, we decided to give this restaurant a try.

Each of the table was fully occupied. We were lucky though as we were able to get a table just right away. However, there was still no one came to clear the table. We needed to wait for another 20 minutes before they finally clear the table for us. Oh well, I supposed they were lacking of staff due to the overwhelming crowd.
Tables were fully occupied

I have always liked table service dim sum style rather than self-service. This restaurant operates on this basis and this makes dim sum selection way easier. We were being served almost instantly after our table was cleared.

Meat Dumpling
The fillings consists of pork meat and some coriander. It tasted a little bit like the Siu Long Bao and bit of Sui Kow. Nothing to shout about, but this is the first time I came across this type of Dim Sum.

Green Siew Mai
I really can't taste much difference between this and the original Siew Mai.

Wu Kok
Yam pastry stuffed with char siew fillings. The pastry was fluffy while the fillings were juicy and full with flavour. Just love every bite of it.

Spring Roll
Crispy spring roll stuffed with some fish paste.

Fried Sui Kow
It was fresh, crispy and the fillings was burning hot. The best part was, the bite of the succulent and juicy prawn was generous. Now this is what I called a Sui Kow.

Fish Paste Fillet
Mei Mei's favourite. So good that she greedily ordered 2 portions. Best to dip with some mayonnaise.

Siew Mai
A decent Siew Mai. Plus point was it was still steaming hot when it was served on the table.

Yu Mai
I'm still wondering why they called steamed fish ball as Yu Mai.

Prawn Siew Mai
After so many different types of Siew Mai, I supposed most of them tasted almost alike. Just that the ingredients and the name of it was a little bit different.

Prawn Dumpling
I can't recall when the last time I had a great Har Kow as this. The skin was smooth and the generous prawn fillings were unbelievably fresh, succulent and juicy.

The total bill came to RM 43 inclusive of a pot of Chinese tea. We had a very satisfying early morning breakfast. Even though the weather in Ipoh was burning hot, the cozy air-conditioned ambiance was good enough to keep us for more than an hour enjoying our dim sum and sipping on to the Chinese tea. Thank you Mei Mei for the breakfast=)

Atmosphere: 6/10
Food: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Verdict: A very original deliciously tasted Dim Sum at a decent price.

Restoran Chef Fatt,
57-59, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30450, Ipoh,
Tel: 012-5089126

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