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Restoran Baby Seafood @ Batu Belah, Klang [16th Jan 2010]

It was on a Saturday evening, the weather has been chilly thanks to the after rain. I just got up and was very hungry, and saw my parents just reached home after their outing. Very much to my surprise, they have not had their dinner yet. Bravo, so we can have dinner together.

I was craving for seafood as I did not have them for a very long time already. But my parents said they don't really fancied them as they just had them weeks back. Then, this restaurant struck my mind since I have always wanted to introduced it to my both parents. They do serves seafood but their specialty was fish, so it's perfect since my parents love fish.

This is my second visit to this restaurant, with my first time dated back in 2008 somewhere during the Chinese New Year after the Cameron Highlands trip with Chee and the Gueks.

I remembered the time when I was here for the first time, we needed to wait for more than half an hour and have to take a queue number for table. We got lucky this time round, as it was 8.30pm when we reached here. However, all the table were still fully occupied and we needed to wait for like 5 minutes for the waiter to clear a table for us.

After half an hour lapsed, our food finally came.

Tom Yum Soup
This tom yum soup is designated to be scooped on to the sizzling fish that were the specialty of this restaurant. The soup was not thick, not spicy and has a little hint of tom yum taste. The flavor of the soup is like the mixture of Tom Yum soup with the Teochew styled steamed fish.

Chinese Thai-style Steamed Grouper Fish (RM 22)
The fish was fresh and the meat was smooth. It was generously garnished with pickled vegetables, bean curd, cabbage, ginger and spring onion. Not surprising as this is the main specialty dish of the restaurant and each occupied table has this dish on their table. What an awesome steamed fish!

After a few minutes
The soup is now boiling. Can you spot the smoke arising from the fish? It gave you the kind of feeling that as though you were having a steamed fish on a burning stove. Nothing beats eating a steamed fish on a permanent sizzling hot plate.

The hot red flame
This is where it keeps the plate sizzling. Red hot!

Fire Burned Charcoal
As opposed to the typical candle fire which lights off very fast, the charcoal offers a permanent heating solution to the steamed fish. It was still on fire even after we finished up the fish.

Stir-fried Green Bean Sprout (RM 8)
It was full of wok hei, not oily nor watery. One of the best I have eaten around.

Home Made Tau Foo (RM 1.20 per piece)
Not entirely a tau foo. It was actually secret recipe of fish paste being shaped into a tau foo and deep fried. It is crispy and soft inside. The mayonnaise adds some sweetness to the already good tau foo.

There were more specialty dish on the menu. Unfortunately, we couldn't ordered so much since it was only three of us. We opted yet another specialty dish on their menu.

Stuffed Ham Chicken Wing (RM 8)
Another signature dish and yet another my favourite. The skin was crispy while the inner meat was tender and succulent,while the stuffed ham within just make this dish tasted very special in a nice way. And I do wondered how they prepared this dish?

Up close of the Stuffed Ham Chicken
The chicken bone was stripped off and being replaced with the ham roll stuffed with some carrot and long bean within. The chicken meat was also layered with some egg yolk. This is where you call it looked great and tasted even better.

At the end of the meal, we were all very satisfied with the food. There was no room to complain be it in term of the food taste or the services of the staff. Best of all, we were very surprise with the total bill that costs us only RM 49.50 which also includes 3 bowls of rice, a plate of peanut, a pot of tea and wet towels. Honestly, where on Earth will you still be able to get an unbeatable food at this unbeatable price? And now I know the answer.

Atmosphere: 5.5/10
Food: 9/10 (unsure was it halal)
Price: 9/10
Verdict: Unbeatable great food at a very unbelievable price! Definitely, a place to dine in!

Location: Assuming you are heading to Klang from Shah Alam using the Federal Highway, turn right at the interchange of the Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja. Keep going straight till you pass a toll. Continued going straight till you will see a pedestrian bridge on your left. You will now realized that there a row of shop lots on your left. Turn into the shop lots and you will see Baby Seafood on your left side.

Restaurant Baby Seafood
186A-1, Jalan Sungai Putus
Batu Belah, 41050, Klang,
*Closed on Monday
Handphone: 019-213 5807


  1. Kenjun, I wanna go to this place!! Never been to Batu Belah for dinner... hehehe... I miss the green bean sprouts in Genting... *sobs*

    From today onwards I'll just visit ur blog once a week! Everyday got good food to see.. darn envy! hahahaha

    p/s: the writing towards the end of this entry too small larh! Need to strain my eyes to read... so sanfuu....

  2. Lols! I thought u said u had enough with Klang? haha..sure, when ur back we go to this place..

    Lols, don't envy, sharing is caring ma, so now u pick ur best,so when ur back we go food marathon=p

    oh ok..then maybe u need to wear extra glasses d..=p


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