Monday, February 8, 2010

Jason Boey's Biggie Day @ H2O, Uptown, PJ

I have known Jason for almost 3 years and counting. My great ex-manager he is, this is the very first time I celebrated his birthday outside the compound of an office. Reason? Because he is a workaholic and always lingered in the office.

Anyway, we went to this pub which I hanged out with him once before, watching our beloved team Man Utd lost to Liverpool somewhere last year.

There were 2 floors. But I have yet to went to the ground floor. It has always been the second floor.
Signboard of photos welcoming at the staircase
Maybe we should stick our photo there very soon.

The 2nd floor of H2O

I was among the first one to reach, waiting for the arrival of the birthday boy. About 5 minutes of wait, he finally reached with Sheau Yin.

Our Whisky for the night
This single malt whisky was good, no cockroach smell can be tasted. I suppose that is the magical formula of single malt whisky.

The amongst us who reached first

Happy Birthday to you Jason!

Drinks ranging from Coke, Whisky to Beer

Another 20 minutes lapsed, before most of the guests arrived. I was told that they had their dinner first, and that is why they were a little bit late. I had some catch up with them while trying to get Jason into drinking. However, Jason would rather stick to his usual action, well you know what I mean.

Candids for the night

Was she listening?

When Jason getting a bit too noisy

And here you go Jason

Let's cheers for the birthday boy

Looking for some models?=P

When alcohol hits you

You know we missed ya Jason

Finally she looked into the camera=P

The us for the night

We dispersed off respectively at about 12am. Though it was a very short session, it was indeed a very enjoyable session. It has always been enjoyable with them. We do hope you enjoy yourself as much as we do Jason and thank you for your invitation.

Happy Birthday once again and may the new chapter brings you even better things in your life=)

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