Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reunion Time of Ox Year

Today marked the last day of the Ox in Chinese Calendar. A blink of eyes, it's time for the reunion again. It was a Chinese tradition in having a reunion with their family and loved ones on the very last day in Chinese Calendar and ushering into the Chinese New Year together.
Time to be reddish and jovial=)

I had my reunion breakfast as early as 9.30am, and we were not talking about having noodles or roti canai. It was heavy meal that features meat, soup and rice. It has been an usual practice of my parents to have reunion lunch but this year we had it really early because we need to rush back to Ipoh. And my mind was just barely awake.

Steamed Chicken

Roasted Pork

Fish Ball Lettuce Soup
Mum will never miss preparing this soup every year. This is because lettuce means "Sang Choy" in Chinese which rhymed with the auspicious saying of "Sang Sang Mang Mang" which literally means "Healthy and In a Good Shape"

Time for a break, to foster our bonding with the loved ones=)

Red is the colour

It's tiger time

Let's usher into the Tiger year with syle

Hope everyone of you were having a great reunion time with your family and loved ones. Wishing everyone of you a prosperous, wondrous, joyous and a healthy Tiger year ahead=)


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