Friday, February 5, 2010

Sausages Sandwich @ Home [17th Jan 2010]

The clock was showing 7pm when I just got up after a short nap. I was so tired after the paintball outing because I did not had enough sleep the night before. A check with mum showing that she did not cook.

Honestly I do not know what to eat. I have been eating very heavy meal of late, ranging from rice, meat to noodles. Suddenly, bread crossed my mind. I was thinking why not head down to Jusco to get some groceries and at the same time buy some ingredients to prepare some sandwiches for both my parents.
Ham, Sausages, Egg, Lettuce and Cucumber
Well, these were the ingredients that I got it from Jusco that night.
At this time, Mum complaining she is hungry. Alright, I got to head down to the stove already. Come to think of it, it has been weeks since I last cook. Obviously, you don't count cooking instant noodles as cooking=P

Sunny Sun Shine
Always my passion to fry a sunny sunshine. At this time, I was worrying the sunny sun shine might not be so shiny. Thankfully, I'm still able to do it=p

A platter of Sausages, Ham and a Sunny sun shine
Some of you must be wondering why do I need to carve some pattern on the sausages. Actually it was not for decorative purpose. The reason behind it is to allow some oil to flow in to the inner part of the sausages making them succulent and tender. Otherwise, the inner part of the sausages will be very soggy and soft.
I grilled the sausages instead of frying them. Very little oil is being used and I slowly grilled them by rolling the sausages over and over to have the heat even out. Of course, the fire cannot be too strong and have to be set at medium.

Golden brown sausages
Sausages are great to be eaten with crunchy lettuce

Add 2 slices of bread and it become a simple yet tasty sandwich

My version of sandwich
Obviously, I love some sweetness and sogginess in my sandwich, hence the topping of chili sauce. So here it is, my simple Sunday dinner=)

There were no complain from both of my parents. Since I love to cook, I guess I should prepare more exotic food in the near future. Perhaps, I should make it a monthly thingy to cook for my parents. Lets keep the fingers crossed by now.

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