Saturday, February 6, 2010

Double Chicken Prosperity Burger @ Mcdonalds, Sunway Mentari

For the past few years, Mcdonald's has been introducing the prosperity burger a month before the Chinese New Year. It was supposed to be serve for a limited time only. Back then, the prosperity burger was out of stock so quickly even before the start of Chinese New Year.

This time round, Mcdonald's launches the prosperity burger way earlier(somewhere in November 2009) with the campaign of "Return of the Loved One". And just weeks ago, Mcdonald's launches yet another limited time burger, this time, The Double Prosperity Burger.

Time to unwrap
I always stick to chicken meat since I don't consume beef.

Double Chicken Prosperity Burger
Two meat patty heavily soaked with black pepper sauce, topped with slices of onions.

Double meat patty
So here it is, you have a very meaty, a strong taste of black pepper and onion smell burger. The chicken patty is a little bit soggy because of the heavy soaking of black pepper sauce.I couldn't feel the presence of the bread because the chicken meat was all over.
This burger does gave a very strong burning sensation to your tongue even after consumption. Definitely, not a burger for those who can't stand very spicy food.

A well prepared prosperity burger
Credits should be given to this Sunway Mentari outlet as they prepared the burger pretty well instead of the usually messy prosperity burger encountered at some other outlets. At least I did not messed up myself and I do not have a problem holding on to the whole burger by itself.

Curly Fries
The curly fries tasted way too salty for my preference.

RM 15 for the set
One double prosperity, one carbonated drinks and a regular curly fries that costs me a whopping RM 15, and that was during the McValue lunch hour from 12pm-3pm! I remembered they serve Orange Fizzy drink last time as part of the set. What a pity that they replaced it with a normal carbonated drinks for now.

I would not order the set anymore for the next coming weeks even though it was only for a limited time. Obviously, I do feel very full after the meaty prosperity burger but that is after I forking out a whopping RM 15 for just a very average burger. At RM 15, I could easily buy a whole loads of roadside Ramley burger with extra cheese, egg, patty and more!

Taste: 5/10
Price: 4/10
Verdict: Eat it only for the sake of trying it and being prosperous.

Location: Any Mcdonald's outlet in Malaysia

*This product is still running and serves only for a limited time while stocks last.

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  1. Stole some curly fries from my dad the other day. Agreed that they tasted way too salty!

    Maybe I shld give this burger a try since I never had it before (and probably share it with someone too coz I wouldnt be able to finish it alone for sure lols!):P

    I still think that Spicy Chic McDeluxe is the best at McD! Hahah


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