Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fomec's Bird Nest

It was near lunch time, I was hungry but very reluctant to go out to get food. I opened up the fridge and I saw there was a very attractive red coloured pack lying on the second shelf on the fridge. Curious and hungry me, I was hoping it to be food and yes, it was a bird nest pack.

At this point of time, I do not know whether is that pack is ready to be consumed. I asked my mum and she replied "It's ready to be eaten, finished it before dad finishes it". Time to eat it before it is gone=p

A nicely packed bird's nest
Mum told me that, this pack is a complimentary from a factory that she visited upon buying some bird nest's product. Accordingly, a pack of this bird nest costs RM 25 at the market price.

A sealed bowl of bird's nest
It comes with a spoon and knife. The knife was used to cut off the lid that seals the bowl. At first, I was surprised as why do we need a knife to eat bird's nest?

Ready to be eaten
The bird's nest tasted decent. The sweetness of the soup was perfect, with strong hints of ginseng taste. Meanwhile the bird's nest itself, tasted pure and not starchy.

I suppose this bowl of bird's nest was good to heal my inner energy losses due to the consecutive weeks of outdoor activities. I guess, this is mum's latest solution to keep our family healthy with a very minimal effort from her.

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