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Pulau Ketam Vacation Day 1 [23rd January 2010]

It was 23rd, the big day of our buddy, Hock Beng. He has always wanted to venture into Pulau Ketam after much hearing about it. Fortunately, his big day falls on the Saturday and we were able to gather some legs to fulfill his wish. Our vacation plan was simple, was meant to have fun in a relaxing way rather than jam packing all the itinerary into a day.

Our initial plan was to meet up at Port Klang at 3pm. Our sunway batch were the first to arrive and we chose this mini little KFC as our meet up point. After almost 25 minutes, Michael finally reached with Iris.
Smallest KFC outlet ever

Time is ticking, it's passed 4pm, and we still yet to see the shadow of Mei Kheng. We gave her a call and she told us that she was still stuck in the KTM somewhere which was still far away.

We want you Mei Kheng

We keep tracking for Mei Kheng every time a commuter stopped by at the station. After almost another 40 minutes, another commuter arrived and yes, we could spot someone in a purple blouse. We were positive that it was Mei Kheng, and yes it was indeed her. However, the drama did not end here. Her touch 'n' go was having some problem, and the guard told her to go back all the way to her first station to have it retouch. Holy crap! I told her just forget about it and she walked off the security gate in a very datin style.

Time for Pulau Ketam

It was my fourth time being here. This time round, we were told that the jetty has been shifted to another side of the shore, which is further down the road. It was sunny and I can feel the heat toasting my skin.

Some abandoned jetty?

A check with the watch showed that we have walked for more than 5 minutes under the unforgiving sun. Finally, we saw the new jetty compound.

Finally, a covered path to the jetty

We were lucky, that there was a boat already waiting for people to board. Pulau Ketam ferry operates on a very different basis. You only pay for the ticket while you were inside the ferry. There were no counter nor people selling early tickets before boarding.

Time for boarding

An air-conditioned ferry
Not a ferry that I enjoyed boarding with. It was a little bit stuffy inside and it smelled fishy.

Here we come, Ketam=)

After 40 minutes of boarding, the ferry slowed down and stopped by a fishing village to drop off some passengers. We needed to travel for another 5 minutes of journey before reaching the main island, Pulau Ketam.

The main jetty of Pulau Ketam

The busiest road to Pulau Ketam

A purely fishing village

It was not a far walk, before we reached our Hotel. Time to do some checking in first before laming around=p

Hotel Sea Lion
Apparently, this is the best hotel offered in Pulau Ketam. I was told that this hotel was operated by the head village of Pulau Ketam.

RM 98 nett for VIP room
It comes with a two queen size bed, television equipped with Astro, air-conditioned and a private washroom. At the price, we couldn't complain any further.

Time to "see look see" to have ourselves adjusted to the environment and culture of Pulau Ketam. And obviously, with Chief Nikon Officer on duty, we couldn't help but to spend some time snapping pictures.

A crow safeguarding the shore

Time for a group picture

And something just struck us

You loved your role Yaya?

Watch is showing 6.20pm

The making of "the Guys shot"
Agnes do look a little professional here. But how about the outcome?

Ain't we just buddy enough?

Gem enough?

Something in the air caught me

Happy Birthday to you buddy!

Candidly us at Pulau Ketam

The vital landmark of Pulau Ketam

My college buddies

From Kinky to Poshy

Doing the Scorpy way

Fishing, a common activity at the jetty

Boats, planks, were everywhere

It's going to be dark soon

It was 7ish by the time we were satisfied watching the sunset. Time for quick shower before moving on for a seafood dinner. I opted to shower later because I was not in the mood to shower yet.

Apparently, we did not really enjoyed our seafood dinner. Iris went looking for something else and she found a stall which served Fried Lala instead of the typical Oh Jien.

La La Jien
Honestly, I could not taste the presence of any La La meat. Credits must be given because this La la jien had enough of wok hei. However, too much tapioca flour was being used and it ended being too starchy.

We finished our dinner, and I went around to look for ice for our drinks later. It was never an easy task to look for ice since they do not have 7 -11 convenient store.

The quiet town at 9.30pm

Meat Dumpling
It was steaming hot, fillings were generous and it tasted great. Left a big smile to my stomach after the disastrous dinner.

Our poisons for the night


We brought along Pictionary and we introduced this game to the first timer, Iris and Michael. Both of them did well and they did enjoyed the game a lot especially Iris who was so enthusiastic about the game.

Pictionary session

We ended the night at about 4.30am with some Taboo and Actionary games. As usual, there were no left over for the alcoholic drinks.

Good night Pulau Ketam

By the time I finished taking my shower, it was already 5.30am. Time for some rest before we continued our second day in Pulau Ketam.

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