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Paintball Experience @ Mudtrekker, Sg Buloh [17th Jan 2010]

I have been hearing a lot about paintball for the past 2 years but yet to experience it myself. It is a pity that sometime or somehow some unforeseen circumstances popped out, preventing me from giving it a try. But that's not the case in my third weekend of year 2010.

I was being called along by my jie, Wern Ching to join them for a paintball session at this place called Mud Trekker, lying somewhere deep in the rural areas of Sungai Buloh.

Obviously, we have not been here before, and we were a little bit skeptical as the GPS manage to bring us only to the KTM railway station. Google map doesn't help much because the landmarks given were not that significant. But thankfully, with the good sense of direction and some luck, we manage to find this place after a 30 minutes drive from SS2.

The road where we came from
Can you see how rural the place was?

Some stream or drain, but the water looked clear

We were the first batch to arrive, so we waited for like near half an hour before Dao Sheng's car arrived. Apparently, they took their breakfast first before they went around the area to search for this place. It's time to enter the paintball complex, and I was excited to see what it has to offer since this is my very first time coming for a paintball.

The map of the complex
I have yet to been to other paintball complex, but seeing from the map itself, this Mud Trekker complex definitely has a huge span of area. They have a lot of play fields to be chosen from, ranging from the close bunker field to the deep jungle.

The mask
Wearing the mask was a little pain as you will encounter some discomfort at breathing. To make things worse, your vision was blurred because the mask was fogged up by your breathe. Obviously, it was not a good feeling entering the battle field with a blurred vision.

Pellets or the bullets
Greasy and each of this pellets are filled with paints within. It's not something that you look forward of being stained on your shirt.

Marker or the gun

The workshop for maintenance
This is the place where they maintained the marker. It is hell lots of equipment and machinery out there. Looked very mechanic and engineering to me.

Machine to fill pressurized gas
This machine is use to fill pressurized gas to the marker. Now we know why do we get bruises when we were being hit by those pellets.

There were many first timers on that day. Thankfully, our opponent team consisted mostly of first timers as well. So here we had some little briefing about the Do's and Don'ts before and during the game play of paintball.

Briefing time
Obviously, the most notable Don'ts , is that you shall never ever uncover your face mask the moment you step into the battle zone.

My team

Covered up my neck to prevent unwanted bruises

It's about time

Let's do some shooting

The much anticipated time has come, where the game starts now. Our first game was at the Alamo zone, which is a relatively small map, consisting some junk cars, barrels, boxes and trees to hide.

Our first battle zone
Since it was our first game, the game rules was set at having multiples life. When you were being shot, you were supposed to run back to your base to get back your "life". Our game style was "Capture the Flag", where you were supposed to erect your team flag in the middle of the battle zone and defends it for a minute before being declared a winner by the marshal.

I tell you, I was very nervous. It was not a nice feeling hearing the sound of the pellets hitting the barrels creating the "tang tang" sound. I was scared to rush in front knowing that I might get shot anytime. Making things worse, my mask so darn foggy. It was like as though I'm in a battle without any experience and having a handicapped eye sight. My first shot actually landed on someone's head. No it was not the opponent's but it was on my team mate's head. I'm really sorry about that Sean. I hope it does not hurt much.

The building field
Our second game involved some buildings. We were not allowed to hide in the building. This time round, our game style was "The Last Man Standing" and we had only a single "life". Things went lightning fast, and I realized that my team left Wern Ching only. In a moment, Wern Ching got shot and was out of the game leaving me alone in the team. I fired a few more pellets before I heard the marshal yelling that I'm out of the game. What the heck? Then I only I realized Esther(opponent) was just right beside me and thankfully she did not pulled the trigger of else I will have some wonderful bruises on my body.
Strict rules

Mudtrekker, a sanctioned paintball complex by MPA

The hut for people to have some breather

After some breather, we continued on with our 3rd game. How unfortunate that Wern Ching had to pull out from the game because she was not feeling well.

Gearing up for the 3rd game

Getting excited
The third game style we played was the like "Tower Defense" in Dota. Two teams were split into a defensive team and an offensive team. The offensive team consists more members, about the 2 times size of the defensive team. The single life rule still applies and the winner will be the team that still has member standing. The rule was simple, the defensive team will just camp in a building while the offensive team rush in to eliminate all the members of the defensive team. I was in the offensive team. For this game, we have some Hammer team members involved and I did enjoyed it as I was getting the feel of the paintball game already. The game lapsed for about 10 minutes and we did won.

There was another game coming up which is called "Capture the Ang Pow" created by the Mudtrekker committee. The game play was all about elimination and seeking the Ang Pow. Apparently, the Ang Pow consists of prizes sponsored by Mudtrekker to be shared among the winning team. I did not join them as I would want to learn more from observing how they perform the tactical movements.

Hammer team briefing while in the battle zone

The real action begins
The game is on and you can actually see them in action. [Click to enlarge]

I was being told that I am actually being allowed to enter the battle zone to capture images of live actions. Obviously, you have to be in a different attire to be differentiated from the playing team. However, I believe you will still get shots somehow because of the stray bullets, so I opted out and stay within the safe zone.

Safe zone
The place where we were seated to watch the game live.

Personal marker
It looked very professional. I believed this is a Carbine M3-A1.

Gas Tank
A personal gas tank owned by Jimmy, the member of Hammer team.

We carried on with the 4th and our final game of the day. The game terrain was set at the jungle where it has a lot of mangosteen and rambutan trees. Game rules was set at only the head and body as marker area. This means that you are still considered alive even though you were shot at the hand or the leg. The game area is definitely wider. It has no barrels nor boxes to hide. We have to rely on the bushes or the trees for shelter. As usual, the game ended in less than 10 minutes since we have only a single life. What's the outcome? Our team lost the game, and I got shot at my chest and I was among the very first one to be out of the game.

The us with some Hammers member

Esther, the organizer
This is the young lady that "killed" me during the second game play. She is brave enough to enter the battle field just to capture some pictures of the real game in action. I really saluted her! I was told that she do join the Hammer team quite often for the paint ball session. Enjoy your paint ball Esther and it was nice meeting you=)

Obviously, I am still a noob at paintball. I did not manage to eliminate anyone throughout the 4 games. I really enjoyed it and would love to get back there for more but obviously paintball is not a cheap game. Each of us have to fork out RM 80 for a mere less than an hour of game play in the battle field. The personal equipments itself are already pricey and that has yet to include the renting fee of the field play. I suppose it's a wiser choice for me to stick to Counter Strike first at this moment before getting very involved with paint ball.

Mudtrekker Paintball Field
Lot 1903,
Jalan Kuari, Kuang,
Selangor. Malaysia.
GPS coordinates: N03.15'50.0 E101.33'17.2

Phone:+603 7805 4383

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