Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yippee Cup @ SS 2, Petaling Jaya

When we were almost done with our shopping, Kien Wai received a call from Sai Chuen saying that he and See Mun will join us for some drinks. I suggested SS 2 and Damansara area since we will passed by that area on our way home.

All of us agreed on SS2. Sai Chuen was so enthusiastic about this place particularly called Yippee Cup. The name itself sound interesting and I was told that Sai Chuen himself do frequent this place once a while for yam cha. Apparently, it has been around for quite some times but I have yet to visit them.

We moved from the air-conditioned area to the open air area because it was too stuffy in the air-conditioned. Though there were no air-condition, the air ventilation was definitely much better.

Mango Yogurt (RM 7.90)
Ice blended mango smoothies with yogurt milk. It was decent as the blended ice were very fine and the fragrant of mango was strong.

Strawberry Yogurt (RM 7.90)
Ice blended strawberry smoothies with yogurt milk. Personally, I like this drink a lot as the yogurt milk blends well with the strawberry taste making this drink tasted sour, sweet and in a very sexy way. My pick of the night.

Lemon Juice with Pearl (RM 6)
Tasted way too sour. My first sip reaction was "Am I sipping on some vinegar?"

Original Yippee Milk Tea with Pearl (RM 6)
A very ordinary milk tea with some added pearl. A little bit diluted and would prefer it to be a little bit milkier and thick though. Not that yippee after all.

Cheezy Hotdog (RM 4.30)
Cheese hot dog that were wrapped with a layer of crispy bread. The mixture ended up in a weird taste. Even See Mun, took off the bread and just ate the sausages alone.

Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun (RM 4.50)
The soup tasted very bland and the whole bowl smelled like a raw "hor fun". The chicken meat were very dry and tasteless. Just for your curiosity, this is how a hospital Chicken Hor Fun taste like. Please do not mislead Ipoh Hor Fun.

Fish Cake Noodle (RM 5.90)
Another one that they claimed is their signature dish with the best signage. The hor fun and the bean sprout smelled and tasted raw. The gravy used was horribly bland and tasteless. The whole plate was awful and I gave up after eating less than half of it. If this is their best, I would named my home cooked Indo Mee as the bestest.

They do offer some board games such like monopoly, chess and mahjong for leisure. However, this is just not a place that worth for a second visit unless you love deafening atmosphere, stuffy environment and awful food.

Atmosphere: 4/10
Food: 3/10
Price: 5/10
Verdict: A yucky feeling after trying out their food! Just pathetic!

Location: Cornet lot, SS2, the same shop lots row as the famous Hoppy Duck Rice shop.

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