Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ten Tian Lai Stall @ Sekinchan, Selangor [15th Feb 2010]

It was the second day of the Tiger year as well as my Mum's day. We left Teluk Intan at 5pm, heading to our initially planned dinner at Kuala Selangor. We travelled by coastal way and my GPS signaled that we will be passing by Sekinchan soon. By this time, we were all quite hungry and the fact that it will be another half an hour more before reaching Kuala Selangor, it prompted us to change our mind to stop by Sekinchan town to have our dinner.

We wanted to dine in Guan Seng Loong Restaurant initially. Unfortunately, the restaurant was still closed for business and we asked the local folks on whereabouts of places that we can dine in. Very fortunate of us, we bumped into this Uncle who led us to this restaurant lied deeper in the town of Sekinchan.

Weather was burning hot and it was humid. I reckon some ice blended stuff would be the best call as appetizer.
Air Batu Campur
Tasted way too diluted. Anyhow, it does the job for chilling me down.

We needed to wait for more than half an hour before our first dish was served. I guess it was because not many stalls in the town were opened and everyone flocked in to this restaurant for dinner.

Kam Heong La La
Nothing to shout about, at least the presence of the "kam heong" can be tasted. La la meat was decent in size and juicy.

Stir Fried Local Lettuce
Lettuce was crunchy and smooth but tasted a little bit bitter.

Stir Fried Eggplant
The smoothness and the softness of the eggplant were still there. It was full with wok hei and very well flavoured and it goes well with the plain rice.

Kung-Po Style Mantis Prawn
Mantis prawn were coated with flour and deep fried. It was then being stir fried with dried chillies and their specialty sauce. The specialty sauce blends well with the fried mantis prawn. Each bite was crunchy on the outside while maintaining the softness and sweetness of the mantis prawn. Just way too addictive.

Steamed Red Snapper in Teochew Style
Fish was over steamed resulting in a very rough meat. This Teochew style was lacking in flavour and tasted very bland. Necessary condiments such as coriander, sour plum and chillies were missing.

Bean Curd Soup in TeoChew Style
Bean Curds were smashed and cooked with pork meat and prawn. Soup was a little starchy and it does taste like the shark fin soup.

Braised Yee Mee
Since it was my Mum's birthday, there must be noodle to complete our dishes. The Yee Mee was decent, but lacking some wok hei.

My uncle and aunt asked me to pay a visit to their washroom with a promise that I will be amazed by it. At that time, I seriously wondered how amazing can a washroom be.
Environment friendly washroom
There was only a single washroom and it was friendly enough to be located in the middle of the swamp.

The total bill came up to RM 127.10 which includes a large bottle of Beer, drinks and plain rice. Taking the fact that it was on the Chinese New Year, I supposed the price was very reasonable. I guess this is why people claimed Sekinchan served good food at a very reasonable price. We would love to be back at Sekinchan for more food the next time.

Atmosphere: 5/10
Food: 6/10 (non-halal)
Price: 7/10
Verdict: Mantis prawn was a bomb. Steamed fish was a let down but no complain for other dish and the price.

Location: After turning into Sekinchan town using the costal way, keep going straight until you reached an end junction. Turn right here and keep traveling for another 1km and you will see this wooden restaurant on your left side.

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