Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sungai Tua Waterfall @ Ulu Yam [10th Feb 2010]

Barely just few days before the Chinese New Year, together with my buddy, we ventured into the deep of Ulu Yam for waterfall. It has been more than a week since our last outdoor as Mum forbids me from doing something too outdoor since Chinese New Year was just around the corner. However, with the weather soaring at a high temperature, I couldn't resist but to go against my Mum's order.

Since it was on the weekday, we left Sunway at 10am to avoid the traffic. We traveled using the MRR2 highway cutting through by LDP Expressway, passing by Kepong and Batu Caves. Then we continue traveling on the coastal way of the Ulu Yam that leads to Genting Highland passing by the famous Batu Dam. After near to half an hour on the coastal way, we finally reached the carpark.
P3 Car park
There were many car park there, being labelled with P1, P2 and P3. P3 will be the most practical as it was the nearest to the main fall that located right opposite of the road.

We chose to head down to the river for some trekking before coming back for the main fall. The park was maintained and there was a security guard collecting RM 1 per person as an entrance fee to the park.
Stairs leading down to the river

Time for some trekking!=)

While you were walking down the stairs, you could see a huge water falling to the river on the concrete reinforced slope.
Doesn't it look like some monsoon drain?

Flowing down to the stream beneath

At the end of the staircase, you could see a suspension bridge linking to the other side of the stream.
Suspension bridge
The suspension bridge was solid, in fact one of the most solid I have ever experienced.

When you were on the bridge, you could hear the serene sound of the water flowing. The view of the endless stream together with the green surroundings were an eye healer.
The stream flowing from upstream

Flowing to the seemingly endless downstream

The view was irresistibly too great for a shot=p

Bamboo Forest

Strictly no burning!

Perfect spot for a picnic

The fall connected from the upper main fall

Slippery area ahead on the boulders

Since it was crowded on the first fall, we decided to trek deeper into the forest. We were trekking against the flow of the stream with the hope of more waterfalls ahead.
Starting of the trail

The trail was not very clear and it was indeed very confusing. We were watching our steps to ensure that we did not strayed too far away. We made sure that we trekked by the side of the stream just in case we lost our way.
Malaysian should learn to respect the Mother Nature!
Seriously, please do not litter around for our future generation sake. Leave nothing but footprints!

Some wild floras

After 15 minutes of trekking, we passed by an area of stream where it was full with small rocks and boulders.
Shallow stream

We continued trekking and shortly, we passed by a small area span of bamboo trees.
Bamboo trees

Some obstacles are expected

I have been to a number of waterfalls near Klang Valley region and I have to conclude that Sungai Tua did offer a very different experience of trekking and venturing. It's greenish surroundings with bamboo trees, other tropical trees and it's terrain layout making it a very unique experience not being offered by other waterfalls.
A peaceful and serene view

Such an eye healer!

A great spot begging for some dips and picnics

Some stream crossing were needed

After another 10 minutes of trekking, we decided to stop trekking further. We could not see any hint of waterfalls but an endless long river ahead.
The spot where we chilled

Pretty strong current

Mother Nature Jacuzzi

Snacks for the Day

We chilled here, had some dips and our back massaged by the nature Jacuzzi. Hock Beng spent most of the time soaking in the cold water while I enjoyed sitting on the rock boulder healing my eyes and listening to the peaceful flow of the stream.
Great place to re-energize

The water level was just slightly above the knee level and it varies from one area to another area. The best part about the stream were that it was not rocky beneath making it suitable for swimming.
Trees shading the sun

A Golden Pool

What doing us?

Crystal clear water

After chilling for nearly 2 hours, we decided it's time to make a move for lunch.
Tree trunks were everywhere

Wild berries?

We lost our way back to the starting trail as the trail was very confusing. Luckily, with the aid of the stream, we were able to get back to the main pool after 30 minutes of trekking.
The trail leading back to the main fall

At the main fall

Panoramic view of the waterfall park

We crossed the road for the upper main fall which is visible from the road side.
The Ulu Yam costal way

The Upper Main Fall

There was a sizeable pool for those who want some dips at the main fall. However, it was not suitable for swimming as the water level were just at the knee level. Perhaps, it was because of the dry season and it should be deeper during the rainy season.
Strong cascades

The two adventurers of Sungai Tua for the day

The water was fairly cold and good for dips during the hot weather. For those who are more adventurous, you can opt to travel deeper into the upper stream of the river to explore the possibility of hidden treasures that lies in the deep jungle. With the shallow river and an easy access to the stream, this place is also a great spot for family outing involving children for some picnics.

Definitely, it was a very enjoyable experience and would love to be back with more people. Maybe for the next time we should have some BBQ.=)


  1. cool, thanks for the info ... i've just started exploring these "low profile" hiking sites and info such you have posted on your blogs are great. Keep up the good work... I've posted on my Facebook (Azmir Mustapha)some places that I've visited (some which you have visited) ... keep up the good work!

  2. hi.. u din visit the upper falls?? It's also very nice.. it's pristine there :)

  3. is camping allowed here at sungai tua?


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