Friday, April 9, 2010

Attractions at Ulu Yam @ Hulu Selangor

After our late lunch at the Ulu Yam town, we headed back home following the Batu Caves way. Upon almost passing by the Sungai Tua Waterfall, we realized there were many cars parked by the opposite roadside. We really wondered what was happening and to cure our curiosity, we decided to stop and walk across the road.
Plenty of cars parked by the roadside

Then we realized, they were actually a lot of people queuing for the water. I was like thinking, "How expensive can the water be? What's with all the fuss?" Curious me, I went to an uncle and he told me that the water were actually spring mineral water that flowed from the top of the Titiwangsa Range.
Filling, filling water

I did ask the uncle as well, whether does the water were safe for consumption. He replied "Obviously, and definitely cleaner than your house tap water!" Without delaying any further, I put my mouth near to the free flowing of the water to get a taste of it.
Indulgence of free flow water
The water were so cooling and the taste was full with minerals. Now, why do you want to spend money for mineral water when you can get it free?

For office consumption?

Time to get some home=)

When we were leaving the place, we realized that there many passers by that do stopped by to quench their thirst and filling some extra bottles as their water supply. I supposed this is a favourite and famous spot especially for those lorry drivers to take a break.

We then continued our way home and stopped by the Batu Dam Recreational Park.
Batu Dam Recreational Park

A well maintained park

Batu Dam

Shore spot for fishing?

Serenity offered by the dam

I was told that the dam were actually a house to the fresh water fishes. Toman, Snakehead Fish, Patin and Cat Fish were the among favourite fish being aimed by the fisher.
Fishing for Tomans

If you don't like fishing, you can actually choose to have picnic over here. There were plenty of spots and seats for you, so no worries about having difficulty finding a spot.
Spot for some dating?

The sky over the park were somehow bluer that the city sky.
The blue sky at the park

We lingered at the park more than an hour, watching people dating, fishing and even kids running around. The time were showing 5ish, and I thought it's a good time for us to head home after venturing around Ulu Yam area for half a day.
See you again Batu Dam!

If you are a nature lover. you will definitely fall in love with the Ulu Yam region area. The amount of activities you can have here such as trekking, swimming, picnic, fishing or even dating out, make it a place that is worth for more than a visit. The next time when you need an escape from the bustling city but not willing to travel far away, be sure to visit Ulu Yam territory.

Definitely a fantastic place that does good to your soul!

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