Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman New Grand View @ Taman Megah

On the seventh day of the Tiger year, my uncle called for a dinner at this Chinese stall located somewhere in the secluded shop lots at Taman Megah. This was his favourite stall for the past few years, and in fact has been the place where our family gathered for food. This will be my second day in a row, frequenting this stall but with a different food and a larger group of people.

On the previous night we had fried noodles while for tonight, we had different dishes to go with the plain rice.
Claypot Bean Curd
Consisted mainly Japanese Tofu, being cooked together with cauliflower, some French beans and slices of meat. The topping of the egg added extra smoothness and fragrance to the gravy.

Stir Fried Kai Lan
Fresh Kai Lan from my uncle farm being stir fried with roasted meat. The Kai Lan were just so sweet and juicy thanks to the fresh Kai Lan. Any fresher, we gotta eat it directly at the farm.

Fried KangKung Belacan
Decent, but not the best I have eaten. Has hint of "wok hei", but not great enough to be labelled as a fantastic place of Fried Kangkung.

Signature Spare Ribs
One of their specialty dish. The ribs were well infused with the well flavoured marination. If I could recall, I heard the marination consisted of some Guiness Stout. However, the meat was not as tender and juicy as compared to other better spare ribs that I had eaten.

Stir Fried Choy Sum
Our family loves vegetables and this will be the third vegetables for the night. Nothing much to comment about, a decently stir fried Choy Sum.

Curry Fish Head
This was a version of curry fish head that consisted a fair amount of cocunut milk. Definitely not a dish for those diet watcher. But, if you are just like me that preferred the cocunut milk version of curry fish head, then you will definitely enjoy this dish. The curry was full with fragrance of curry and hint of coconut milk. Just went so well with the plain rice. However, the portion of the serving were rather stingy especially the pieces of fish.

The total bill came to RM 128. The figure was being estimated by the lady boss who wants an auspicious number. I did ask for the bill to check out the prices of each dish, however my uncle mentioned that they don't operate on a bill basis. It really surprised me and I wondered how was it for those who wanted to claim the dinner under business expenses.

While I quite enjoyed the dinner, however I find the price was slightly on the expensive side, taking into the consideration that the Kai Lan was brought over by my uncle and the fact that my uncle was a loyal customer over here. Oh well, that happened when the bill was missing, perhaps the purpose was to save more trees.

Atmosphere: 5/10
Food: 7/10
Price: 4.5/10
Verdict: Food was above average but being let down by the price.

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman New Grand View
Location : The secluded shop lots facing the residential area in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

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