Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheapest Beer Tower Restaurant Piccadilly @ Millennium Square, PJ

When we talked chilling out, we always linked them to beers. However, as much as I love beer, I find the beer pricing in Malaysia is way too expensive and not worth for the price of what we are paying for. Instead, I would always prefer to have cocktails or sharing some bottles with friends.

However, there is a restaurant cum cafe lied somewhere deep in the residential area of Asia Jaya that offers beer at a very very reasonable price. It was located at Millenium Square, a square where towers of high rise condominiums seen scrapping the sky above.

The spanned area was huge, taking up almost the whole square with seats and chairs being arranged along the walkway.
Along the walkway of the square

Alright, so how much do you paid for a jug of beer usually? The best price I ever paid for was RM 29 per jug, and that was during the happy hour time. Can you believe that this place actually sell a tower of Beer at only RM 50? Yes, it's RM 50, with no terms and conditions applied, and best of all it is all night long!
A Carlsberg Tower (RM 50)

I was with Eddie, when we needed some beer badly due to the soaring temperature during the Chinese New Year. The best part about ordering a tower of beer was that it gave you a chance to draft your own beer while maintaining the coldness of the beer.

Nothing beats the beer during the hot weather!
Prosperity beer

There were a wide range of food to choose from should you want to munch something or even to satisfy your hungriness. I did ordered a bowl of Tom Yam soup to cure my craving for some spicy soup.
Seafood Tom Yum (RM 4.90)
It was full with flavour. This was exactly the Tom Yum that fitted my taste bud perfectly. It was so good that I just couldn't stop sipping upon sip. Together with their generous portion of ingredients, it just made my day.

After the fantastic Tom Yum soup, I couldn't resist but to order another plate of fried udon.
Fried Seafood Udon (RM 6.90)
I find it a little salty. It should be better if it were lighter with salt. There were some hint of wok hei. The portion was decent and seriously you couldn't get any fried udon that of this price.

Eddie and I had difficulty finishing the tower even though we were craving for it badly. There were still some left in the tower, but I guess this is the best we could.
Finally, we have done it!

The total bill came to RM 68 inclusive of 10% service charge. Honestly, where can you find such a great food with very cheap beer tower at such a decent atmosphere. The answer is here for you.

Tom Yum Soup : 8/10
Fried Seafood Udon : 6/10

Atmosphere: 6/10

Price: 8/10
Verdict: The cheapest beer tower in town!

Restaurant Piccadilly
LG 006 & LG 007
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ
98, Jalan 14/1
46100, Petaling Jaya
Tel : 603 - 7960 5886

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  1. Super chilled beer can be arranged...
    Take away price (COD) as follow:
    Tiger Big = RM128.00/crate
    Heineken Big = RM171.00/crate
    Anchor Big = RM115.00/crate
    Guiness Big = RM148.00/crate
    Alternatively, call Thomas @ 0169006246 for nego.


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