Friday, April 16, 2010

Roaring Tiger Year Day 7 @ Strachan's Place, Sunway [20th Feb 2010]

The seventh day of the Tiger year, where we Chinese believes it was a day of everyone's birthday. After the family dinner, I headed back to Sunway for an open house at Strachan's place. Reached the place about 9.30pm, and saw Strachan welcoming to the house.

As expected it was crowded, and I went straight to look for my secondary friends. This will be the first time meeting them during the Chinese New Year as everyone were busy with their relatives during the past few days.

There were pretty much variety of food to choose from, ranging from noodle, rice and other spicy dishes.

I just took some of them as I was still quite full from my previous dinner. However, I believe that you must at least have something on your plate when you are attending an open house.
A little bit of this and that

Plum Blossom

Obviously, I went for some desserts before heading inside for the next gaming session.
ABC Corner

My special ABC, without the red syrup

Variety of Kuihs

While I'm inside the house, something at the corner caught my attention. It was the variety of cookies that were being displayed on the table. I couldn't help myself but to continue munching some of the cookies since most of them were my favourites.
Variety of Cookies
I enjoyed eating them so much, and Yee Yeeng your self-made cookies were good but could be better=p.

Time really flies, and it was 11pm already. A good time to start the gaming session. We started with Black Jack before playing a more stressful and mind blowing Texas Hold 'em. Poker face time!
During the gaming session

By 12.30pm, almost everyone had left with the exception of a few hardcore gaming legs. Time for a memory shot before most of our friends left.
All grown up

It was a good catching up session especially with Yu May, where it had been years since I last saw her. All the best to you Yu May in Melbourne. The poker session ended at 3.30am which was a far cry from what we had achieved before. There were years ago when we could stay up all night long till the next morning for Bak Kut Teh at Sungeiway. Well, I supposed our age factor is taking in the toll.

As usual, it was always enjoyable spending time with my secondary mates. Hope to see you guys real soon.

Thanks Strachan for inviting us to your open house.


  1. You dont like red syrup on ur ABC??
    Random question I know heehee :P

  2. ya, love it without the syrup..gula melaka or brown sugar all e way~!


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