Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant @ Puchong

I had long been hearing about this restaurant, made famous by it's main branch located at Serdang. Since then, they had been opening up branches across the town and still maintaining it's decent food at a very reasonable price, according to those whom I knew. However, I have yet to try their food, not until during the Chinese New year, where Kevin called for a dinner amongst some secondary friends.

Since it was still on the Chinese New Year, we ordered half a pax of Salmon Yee Sang.
Salmon Yee Sang
This is by far the best Yee Sang I had ever eaten to date. Usually I will just take a few bites of it, but this this Yee Sang was so good that I had a full plate of it! The ingredients were all very fresh and they were so generous with the minced groundnuts. Another plus point were the thick salmon!

Just look at the amount of the minced groundnuts that came with the Yee Sang, just so generous to make the Yee Sang tasted so delicious!
Let's hope for a "huat" Tiger Year!

We chose to order a-la carte instead of the set dinner because they were only six of us. Our first dish was served pretty fast on the table after the Yee Sang even though the restaurant were almost fully packed.
Homemade Bean Curd with Crab Meat
The bean curd were more to a fish paste shape bean curd. The crab meat gravy add on extra sweetness to the already flavourful bean curd. Lived up to their billings as their signature dish!

Next we had another their specialty vegetable, being recommend by their captain.
Ying Yong Kai Lan
The Kail Lan leaves were being separated, seasoned and deep fried while the stems were being stir fried. The leaves were so well flavoured that you find it hard to stop eating them. The stems meanwhile were alright and have some fragrance of "wok hei".

Red Wine Spare Ribs
Another dish that I enjoyed eating a lot.The ribs were succulent and juicy. Adding on with the meat that were well infused with their special marination, it just kept you speechless. It was that good!

Steamed Sweet and Sour Red Snapper
The fish was fresh. However, it was spoiled by the gravy that consisted too much of "asam" skin, resulting to an unpleasant taste.

Six is the number

The total bill came to RM 220 which include service charges. I suppose the price was alright taking into account it was during the Chinese New Year, which a lot of Chinese restaurant love to mark up their pricing. The food were definitely top class, and I'd would definitely love to be back for a taste on their other dishes.

Thanks Kevin, for being the major sponsor for the night. Hope there is more to come in the future=)

Salmon Yee Sang : 8/10

Homemade Bean Curd : 7/10
Ying Yang Kai Lan : 7/10
Red Wine Spare Ribs : 8/10 (non-halal)
Steamed Sweet and Sour Red Snapper : 5/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Price: 6/10
Verdict: Tasty food at a very decent restaurant price!

Hee Lai Ton Restaurant (Puchong) Sdn Bhd
21, 22 & 23, Jalan Kenara 1
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100, Puchong
Tel: 603 - 5882 3333
Fax: 603 - 5882 1313


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