Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roaring Tiger Year Day 4 [18th Feb 2010]

The fourth day of Chinese New Year continued with relatives visiting. After having lunch at home, my parents and I went to visit my aunt and uncle who lives at TTDI. Shortly, I went to another uncle house which was located in Kota Damansara. After the vegetarian dinner, we came back for a mahjong session at the TTDI house.
Mahjong, the game of tiles

I do love playing Mahjong, but with my uncles and dad at the table, there is no opportunity for me to get into my favourite game. I'd just spend my time fooling around with my little cousin, Galvin and chatting with my auntie and my mum.
Pamelo Head

About 11pm, the seniors called the mahjong session off. Time for the next agenda, as I moved on for a visit to Chee's house in Puchong. It had been set that the night will be without liquor beforehand, but somehow the old habit still dies a little too hard. In the end, we agreed to slip in some alcoholic drinks to accommodate a better gaming experience.

The game that we played was simple. Each of us will pick a card from a full deck of playing cards, and put it into our forehead. Then, everyone will get the chance to pour any substances of the preferred choice to make a "toxic" mixture.
The art of Mixing

The person that holds the smallest, largest and the similar value(2 persons or more) in card will get the chance to indulge into the "toxic" drink.

Groovy Gravy Intoxicated Drink
If you think Graveyard is terrible enough, wait till you try this and you might change your perception. This drink is just too gravy, longkangish, well, the taste is just too weird.

Obviously, we had a lucky winner for the round! As the saying goes, one man's meat is another man's poison.
John seemed to enjoy it a lot!

The session ended at near to 2.30am. We then went for some hot drinks and supper at a nearby mamak before heading home respectively when the clock was showing 4.30am. It was a great day out spending time with the family members and my secondary friends. But definitely, it was no fun dealing with the intoxicated drink.


  1. What's the mixture for the Groovy Gravy drink? o.o I'm curious how longkangish it tastes like hahah

  2. wine, soya bean, soft drinks, coke, whisky, chrysanthemum tea, winter melon, sprite, orange. can you feel it now?haha


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