Monday, April 19, 2010

Roaring Tiger Year Day 8 @ ROM & Becky's Place [21st Feb 2010]

It was on the Sunday, the eighth day of the Tiger year. I woke up around 10am, had some breakfast before getting ready for to witness the registration of marriage between my cousin sister and her boyfriend. This memorable event took place at Sri Mahavihara Buddhist temple located in Brickfields. I was with Chee, and seriously it took us rounding a while before we finally able to locate the temple.

We were half an hour early before the ceremony kicks in. At about 1.45pm, my cousin sister arrived together with her family members. The swearing in ceremony started at about 2pm.
Swearing in moment

The senior group

With my Dad and Mum

I've got a cheeky cousin brother in law

Legally certified couple
Congratulations to both of you!=)

After the swearing in ceremony, there were some blessing ceremony by the monk there. I had some blessing and prayer too before leaving the place at 3.30pm. Congratulations to my Uncle and Auntie too on the memorable event. Not forgetting, thanking Chee for spending his precious time snapping wonderful pictures during the ceremony.

I reached home about 4pm, and too a quick shower knowing that Wern Ching were waiting with Aik Chung outside my place before headed to Taman Prima, somewhere in Sepang for Becky's mini open house.
Becky's sweet home

We were the first few that arrived and Becky was still seemed to be in the dreamland with her watery eyes. I supposed she just woke up or perhaps was touched by our arrival. Anyway, she handed us a few can of Shandy's before she went to dress herself.
Blackcurrant Anglia Shandy
Odd taste compared to the original Shandy. Epic fail.

I was so hungry because I did not took my lunch. Thankfully, it was not too long before a platter of grilled chicken wing fresh from the oven was ready on the table.
Grilled Chicken Wing
The first batch of this chicken wing was so good. It was so well seasoned and infused with the special marination by Becky. We did tried to ask for the recipe, and she unselfishly shared with us. But after hearing that, it was not an easy task, especially with the ingredients involved and I would just prefer to bug her to prepare instead when I crave for it.

Next, we had hot dog sandwiches. Time to make your own sandwich!
Pick your own ingredients

My Hot Dog Sandwich
They said from the look, it doesn't taste good, but I chose to ignore them because for me, it tasted good and that what matters the most. Haha, sorry, you guys could not spoil my appetite for it.

Potato Gratin
Becky, you need to do extra homework the next time you prepare this. Honestly, this was the least food that I liked for that day.

Otak-Otak Samosa
Deep fried food is unhealthy, but we leave that aside because it will be a sin not to indulge into this yummylicious Samosa. So good, when it was consumed hot!

If you thought the food was enough for the seven of us, then you are wrong, because at Becky's place, the food just can't stop coming. I was already kinda full before another dish specially prepared by her Mum came to the table.
Special Fried Bee Hoon
Tasted really nice in a special way. For me, the taste was a blending style of Thai, Siam and Nyonya. Obviously, the Bee Hoon texture was perfect.

Tom Yum Soup?
It was not a soup, but gravy for the Bee Hoon for some extra flavour and sogginess.

Dessert time! This time we weree lucky to try out someone's bakery skill.
Isky's Raspberry Cheese Cake V2
This was his second time baking cheese cake. That really wowed me, because for the second time, it was already that good. The only area to improve on was on the cheese layer that was too soft. Have you done your V3 already?

The open house was not just about eating, but also involved some board game session. This time round, we had the Big Taboo, a combination of taboo, pictionary, actionary and even the Elmo doll! It does sound complicated, but once you get a hang of it, you will be alright. It took me a quite a while though to have a hang of it.
The Big Taboo

Obviously, Eliz did better in this game since it was not a total Pictionary. And the award of best Emo mimicker gotta go to Isky.
During the board game session

Unfortunately, we did not able to finish the game because Eliz needed to rush home for a dinner. We left Becky's place at about 8pm. It was an enjoyable session, and thank you Becky for the invitation! When should be the next meet up?

For the night session, I was in Klang to witness the never seem to end fireworks display in Klang in conjunction with the Tee Kung Festival (God of Sky).
Non-stop fireworks

Reached home about 3am after having some supper at Sunway. That pretty much summed up my activities on the eighth day of the Tiger Year. Hopefully Tee Kung will bless us for a better year ahead.


  1. that was not a lasagna la. that was potato gratin. lol..

  2. OMG how can you not the like the potato gratin! Lol...

    You better train up in your hot dog making. Hahaha....

  3. becky, I shall correct that..haha, forgive me, cause it was my least favourite=p

    aik chung: because, it tasted too 'unique' for my liking, i knew u like it=p. sure sure, I'll do..haha..


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