Thursday, April 22, 2010

Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Rice @ Damansara Jaya

A Saturday it was as I was with my cousin brother for a catch up session. At first, we thought of having some roadside hawker food for dinner, however, a sudden heavy downpour forced us to change the initial plan.

While passing by Damansara Jaya area, we saw a stall that caught our attention. It was a stall that selling Kampar claypot chicken rice. Usually people will associate Kampar for their famous mini stuffed taufoo fish paste noodle. This was the first time that we heard about Kampar claypot chicken rice and hence we decided to give a try.

It was still raining cats and dogs by the time we parked the car. However, the stall was fully occupied and we were fortunate enough to get an empty table.
Full house

We were being attended for our drinks order. However, for the food order, we need to proceed to the food counter located next to the kitchen. There will be a lady boss waiting to accept your order. Something really new here for me as I was used to being attended for food especially in a Chinese stall.
Iced Barley

There was a signboard on the wall stated that the claypot rice were cooked with charcoal. Even though it was full house, we were surprised by the almost instant serving of the food to our table.
Claypot Chicken Rice
The claypot chicken rice were priced at RM 7 per pax but were priced cheaper for two pax, RM 13. You can customize your claypot chicken rice by adding some extra ingredients such as Chinese sausage, salted fish or even adding an egg. The additional Chinese sausage and salted fish will be charged RM 1 respectively while each added egg was priced at RM 0.50.We ordered a normal one instead of adding any extra ingredients in it.

Claypot Chicken Rice
It tasted very average. Nothing really " wow" me in particular. In fact, I find it a little bland and lacking in flavour. The portion were rather stingy too as it left us not much for a second helping.

Besides their claimed claypot chicken rice, they did offered a few choices of steamed soup at RM 5 per pot.
Old Cucumber with Pork Rib
Like the claypot rice, the soup was just decent. Maybe for those who seldom had soup would rate it as good for but definitely not me. Perhaps, I was spoilt by my mum boiled soup.

The total bill came to RM 21 which included two drinks. The food portion were just not enough to keep our stomach at bay, and shortly, we had to go for a second round of food.

Atmosphere: 5//10
Food: 5/10 (non-halal)
Price: 4.5/10
Verdict: Slighty pricey for an average claypot chicken rice and the portion was rather stingy!

Choong Kee Kampar Claypot Rice
No. 80, Jalan SS22/25
Damansara Jaya, 47400
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 017 - 871 7739

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