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Roaring Tiger Year Day 5 @ JPJ, Puchong & Sunway Pyramid [18th Feb 2010]

A Thursday, it was on the fifth day of the Tiger year. I woke up as early as 8 in the morning to accommodate the process of selling my car to my cousin brother in law who drove all the way from Ipoh. We headed straight to the JPJ headquarter in Jalan Genting Kelang the moment he reached our place.

Initially, I thought everything would be an ease, having experienced the process the last time I got this car. However, I was so wrong. When my queue number reached, I was told by the personnel at the desk that my car needed to be sent to PUSPAKOM for a test before the changes in ownership could be processed. I was like, "Are you kidding me?". My car has been tested and passed the test somewhere last November. However, I was informed that the test outcome would only valid for a month from the day the test result was out.

Knowing the fact that I can't drive my car all the way from Sunway to Setapak because of my expired road tax, I was then being directed to another department to apply for a temporary pass. Then I was told that I needed to apply for an insurance first before I could apply for the temporary pass. Man, I'm getting agitated at this point of time. It was like one leads to another one, and it doesn't seems to end.
The temporary permit application form

I went across the street to apply for an insurance and went back to the department to apply for the permit. I was being handed a form and was told to fill in the particulars. Then, I waited for a great 25 minutes just for the precious signature of the Head Department to approve my permit.
The precious signature

After that, we headed back to Sunway to get my car and drove back all the way to the centre for the PUSPAKOM test. Upon reaching the place, it was almost near to 12.30pm and we were lucky as my car was the last one to be tested before the lunch break kicks in.
Express lane for private car

The test took about near to 20 minutes, with them investigating the chasis and the engine of the car. It was a pleasant experience until my car was ready for collection. I was being asked by the personnel for the receipt of payment (RM 10) before I could collect the passed test certificate. The environment was noisy, and I could barely hear what he was saying so I asked him to pardon me. And guess what? He grabbed the microphone, shouted at it as though he has never used microphone before in his life. Obviously I could hear it this time, because it was just so freaking loud as the speaker was just above my head!
My ex-baby

We went for lunch while waiting for the ownership department to resume working at 2pm. I was given the privilege to head to the counter straight because my processing was in progress since I was there early in the morning. I thought everything would went smooth, but upon reaching the counter, the personnel told me to return tomorrow because it would take a day to process the changes in ownership. I was like " What the hell? I went through the same process last time, and all it take was only 30 minutes at most?". Maintaining my cool, I told her that I can't wait till tomorrow as it would be too tedious for my cousin brother in law to travel all the way from Ipoh again. Then she asked me to hold and she will get back to me.

We waited, waited and waited, for more than 40 minutes, but there were still no updates from her. I could see her proceeding with other documents but not mine. My patience has hit it's limit and I went to her to ask the status of my progress. Then only, she started keying in to the system and within 10 minutes, everything is done, inclusive the renewal of road tax. It does make me wonder, why can't it be settle in the first place when all it need was just a while? Oh well, then only I realized that I'm actually in a government department and it says all.

My ex-baby has found a new owner, and hopefully she will served the master well. Reached home about 3.30pm and went for a rest till near to 5.30pm before getting a call from Elaine confirming the gathering for dinner at Hee Lai Ton in Puchong. Thanks Lee Chuen for fetching me to the restaurant.

I was longing for dessert and Lee Chuen did recommend a place for desserts somewhere in Bandar Puteri. However, we have to end up in Station One Cafe because the desserts stall was not open.
While waiting for the rest=)

Some of the drinks that we had
Thanks Elaine for the treat!=)

We lingered around until 11am before heading to Sunway Pyramid to catch the 14 Blades movie by Donnie Yen at 11.50pm. I decided to give a try on Ireland Potato since I had long wanting to do so.
Located just right beside TGV Cinema at Sunway Pyramid

I needed to queue for a while before it reached my turn to order. This showed that Malaysians really fancied potatoes a lot! There were a lot of seasoning to choose from. I called for a Nori Seaweed seasoning. While waiting for my chips to ready, I could see them freshly fried my chips and drizzled them with the seaweed powder. It took near to 10 minutes before my chips were ready.
Nori Seaweed Chips (RM 5.80)
The chips were fresh and not as oily as typical typical chips. The seasoning meanwhile were just average, very much a resemblance of the Mamee Monster Snack powder. However, I regard it as quite pricey as the portion were quite small.

This time round I had the Ireland's Potato during the movie rather than the usual popcorn. I knew we were not allowed to bring in outside food other than those sell by TGV, so obviously I smuggled them in. Don't ask me how I did it, because if you wanted to try something badly, I'm sure you be able to come out with some ideas=P

The 14 Blades movie was great! I can't recalled when the last time I'd watched a Chinese movie of a great story line with decent martial art involvment. The movie lasted more than 2 hours, and it was 2ish by then time I reached home.

It was long and tiring day. However, it was great catching up with Kevin and all her angles that always with him. Hopefully it will not be too long before the next catch up, Mr CEO?

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  1. Wahhh..that personnel so darn rude! @.@
    Plus if u didnt ask the lady abt the status that time, I guess u'll have to wait the whole day. -.- Bravo la they all...zz


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