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Penang Break Away @ Gurney Drive & Burma Road [6th Mar 2010]

This trip was on an ad-hoc basis, with no proper planning. It all started with a chat with Phooi Khuan over the messenger and we realized that it has been quite a while since we last catch up. Taking into account of my never seems to end misfortune events over the past few weeks, I thought it will be good for a short break away in Penang with my lovely friends over there.

Initially, I thought of traveling north to Penang on Friday but was postponed to the next day due to the unavailability of tickets. I traveled on Aeroline bus departing from Sunway at 6pm, and it took about 4 hours before reaching Queensbay Mall where Pei Yee picked me up and we headed off to Gurney Drive, in which she has a problem with the direction. Sweat.
Gurney Drive at night

I'd always reached Penang either during the morning or afternoon. This was unusual and it left me not much choices for food to cure my hungry stomach. The only place I can think of was Gurney Drive.

I had decided to start my supper session with Asam Laksa since I can hardly find a decent one in Kuala Lumpur. There were a lot of Asam Laksa stall to choose from at Gurney Drive, and you gotta choose the right one that suited your taste bud.
Pei Yee recommendation

Pei Yee told me that this was her mum's favourite Asam Laksa stall whenever they patronize Gurney Drive. Time for a first try.
No. 11 Stall Asam Laksa (RM 3)
Decent, but I still prefer the Sunrise stall at the right end where I'd always ordered from. No doubt, it was still better than a lot of Asam Laksa in Kuala Lumpur though.

Feeling hungry still as I did not had a proper dinner, I opted for the second meal. I chose Sui Kow since I had always wondered how the Penang version taste a like.
Upon ordering, I was being told that the Sui Kow came in 10 pieces. I told them that I can't afford to finish them all and insisted on a reduced amount. Then they told me that, RM 8 for 8 pieces, and I rejected it for a second time because it was pricey! I finally gave in until they agreed selling me 5 pieces of Sui Kow at RM 4. Man, some of the Gurney drive hawkers are hard to deal with.

Sui Kow in Soup (RM 4 for 5 pieces)
The Sui Kow was below average. The essential ingredients of prawn, pork and chestnut were missing and consisted only fish paste. The soup meanwhile was a little too pepperish.

Ever wondered what do you get when you merged Mcdonald with Kentucky?
You got a McTucky Stall

This stall specialized on fried stuff such as fried fishballs, nuggets, sausages and many more.
Selling fast

But their specialty is the crispy chicken skin. You could see orders upon orders coming from the people and a wait of 10 minutes is normal.
Crispy chicken skin

We waited for nearly 15 minutes before our fresh crispy chicken skin was ready, fresh from the frying wok!
Crispy chicken skin (RM 3)
The chicken skin were so fluffy and crispy and adding on with the taste, it was so addictive. Good food is bad, seriously.

Pei Yee needed to be home early and could not join for the second round. Next, I was with Phooi Khuan sipping on some drinks at this place located along the famous road of Gurney Drive.

We had our chit-chat session here and the ambiance were just as right. Friends, love, families and memories were among the topic we touched on. From the way she told me things, I can see that Phooi Khuan had indeed matured a lot throughout the years.

Watermelon Juice

Jasmine Tea

We lingered on until near to 4am before we headed for a very early breakfast at the Green House Prawn Mee located along Jalan Burma. Their business hour starts at 8pm and continue through the wee hours. At my time of visit, I could see many clubbers with their fancy clothing here having their early breakfast.
The famous Burma Road Prawn Mee

Green House Prawn Mee (RM 3.50)
I like the roasted pork serving where it add extra flavour to the already flavourful soup. I would definitely rate this as one of the best hokkien mee in Penang.

I bumped in to Phooi Khuan place throughout this entire Penang break away. By the time I reached her place, it was already almost 5am. Time for a sleep before the next day kicks in.

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  1. sense of direction is improving day by day lols! :p


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