Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roaring Tiger Year Day 6 @ Taman Megah & Subang [19th Feb 2010]

The sixth day of the Tiger year, I tagged along with my parents to visit my uncle at TTDI during the afternoon. I did play a few rounds of Mahjong before calling up Eddie for a possible catching up session. In the end we settled for Piccadilly for some beers under the soaring temperature.

After the drink, Eddie fetched me back to my Uncle house. Thanks buddy! It was 6ish, and my dad was still playing Mahjong with my uncle and his wife. They continued playing till near to 8pm whilst I'm just watching from the bay. We then moved on to this stall which is my uncle favourite restaurant as of now located somewhere in Taman Megah for a late dinner.

We ordered a few variety of fried noodles. Usually we needed to wait quite a while, but surprisingly the food was served barely after 15 minutes of wait. Perhaps, the crowd were lesser on that night than of the normal day of business.
Fried Cantonese Style Yin Yong
You must be wondering, how come they were so generous with the vegetables. Well, the extra vegetables were actually being brought over by my Uncle who grew them himself.

Fried Cantonese Style Yin Yong
It was decent, has hint of "wok hei" but not enough to "wow" me. There is places that you can get better Fried Cantonese.

Fish Head Bee Hoon
I don't really enjoy eating this version of Fish Head Mee Hoon because uncle opted to go without the milk. I'd always preferred the milk version of Fish Head Mee Hoon. Making things worse, I have no idea on what type of fish they used, because it consisted way too many bones! Clearly not my bowl of noodle.

Fried Belacan Rice
Whilst the fish head bee hoon was a flop to me, this one ranked at the other end. The rice was fried so well, full with flavour and the "wok hei" was enormous. Adding on with the fragrance of belacan, it just gotta be one of the best fried rice I have eaten to date.

Fried Hokkien Noodle
Tasted way too bland and lacking in flavour. A very below average Fried Hokkien noodle.

I do not know how much the dinner costed because we left the place even before the bill was settle as my Uncle tend to hang on there a while more.

I continued the night with a visit to my sister Wern Ching place at Subang. Had some games there but the highlight of night was the losing streak in Mahjong. Throughout the years, Wern Ching place had been a kind place for me and Weng Onn when it comes to Mahjong. However, on that night itself, it tends to write a different history.

We stopped playing at Ching's place by 2am. The night was obviously still young for us and we decided to went for a poker session at one of Weng Onn's friend place at Sunway. Not a very good night for me I supposed as poker also tend to bully me. Reached home about 5ish in the morning and time for a rest before the next afternoon rolls in.

Fried Cantonese Style : 6/10
Fish Head Bee Hoon : 4/10
Fried Belacan Rice : 8.5/10
Fried Hokkien Noodle : 4/10
*(All non-halal)

Atmosphere: 5/10

Price: Unknown, but I suppose it should be the standard RM 5 per pax.
Verdict: More misses than hits, but the fried belacan rice was way too delicious!

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Grand View
Location : The secluded shop lots facing the residential area in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

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