Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Double Fortune Chicken Burger A & W @ 3K Kompleks, Subang Jaya

Barely a week before the Chinese New Year, I received a leaflet from A & W about their latest product, Double Fortune Burger. The leaflet caught my attention with the slogan of "How to Double Your Fortune". If we had this burger coupled with Mcdonald's Double Prosperity Burger, I guess it will result to a Double Prosperity and Fortune for the year. Who doesn't want extra fortune?

For some reason, I was not able to patronize A & W outlet, not until the 10th Day of the Tiger Year. I was with Hock Beng and we thought it was good for a visit to the once our favourite hang out place A &W outlet located at 3K Kompleks, Subang Jaya for some supper.

This is one of the two A & W outlet that operates on a 24 hour basis with the other one being at the State.
It was 1am, and obviously the outlet was pretty empty.
The open air area

My favourite soft drink
Best to drink from the mug, minus the straw!

Curly Fries
Gotta be my favourite curly fries from the fast food chain.

Honestly, I can count the amount of time I had A & W burgers last year with a single hand. That showed how 'often' I patronize A & W, and for some reason, it doesn't seems to appeal to a lot people as compared to other fast food chain. Anything it is, this is the time for a Double Fortune Burger.
Double Fortune Chicken Burger
Double chicken patties topped with sliced onions, buttons mushrooms and then drizzled with peppery mushroom sauce. The combo set priced at RM 11.80 that comes with one regular French Fries and one regular Root Beer.

Double Fortune Chicken Burger
It was very much a resemblance of the Swiss Mushroom burger from Burger King, with an exception that the mushroom servings here were more generous. The crunchy sliced onions added some extra chew, but what I liked the most was the dry burger! It was not messy and I have no problem holding the whole burger intact. Even though they claimed the toppings consisted of peppery mushroom sauce, it was however doesn't taste pepperish.

This is what my buddy had.
Double Mozza
Diced chicken meat and lettuce were being sandwiched by a quarter size of waffle. I did not try it, but my buddy say it was alright.

For now, the Double Fortune Burger is no longer in the menu. Hopefully, they will revive this product in the coming Chinese New Year and I will be sure to grab one of it!

Taste: 6/10
Price: 5/10
Verdict: Eating a burger was made easy with the not soggy Double Fortune burger!

A & W 3K Kompleks
Jln SS 13/1,
Persiaran Kewajipan, 47500
Subang Jaya,
Tel: 603 - 5637 7561

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