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Pearl of Orient Get-Away Day 2 [12th Dec 2009]

Second day of Pearl of Orient Get-Away. Waited for Pei Yee to reach at 8.30am, she was late. Understandable, I overslept as well because we barely gets like 4 hours sleep. We then head off to Penang Hill for some breakfast first at the Asia Cafe before we carry on with Penang Hill visit.

A crossroad on the way to Penang Hill @ 9am

Curry Wan Tan Mee @ Asia Cafe, near Penang Hill
The Wan Tan Mee texture is good, as it is tenderly crunchy. However, the curry sauce is a total let down. Tasted very bland. Thank god, I do not need to finish the whole plate of it.

Braised Yee Mee @Asia Cafe, near Penang Hill
A non-ordinary Yee Mee was used, braised with 2 big prawns, generous portion of meat and vegetable. The charred smell (wok hei) can be tasted in every mouth of serving. What else better can I ask for to start my day even though I do not fancy breakfast? Just awesomely tasty.

The queue for the Penang Hill ticket was madly congested with human at 10.15am. We managed to get the ticket for 12.45pm. Should we just wait? Definitely no.

Look at the queue to Bendera Hill, just crazy. Luckily I have already got my ticket.

We decided to walk from Penang Hill to Air Itam town. Reason is, it is darn difficult to get our car parked around. The seniors was sporting, walking together under the hot sun to the Kek Lok Si without complaining tired or hot. We do hang on by a memorial garden for soldiers near the Air Itam town for some shots.

A monument that was erected for the purpose of?

We reached Kek Lok Si after 25 minutes of walk. Mum was busy getting some T-shirts while I checked on some turtles and taking some pictures with Pei Yee.

Ever Long Tortoise @ Kek Lok Si Temple

It was 11.30am, and we rushed down to eat the Air Itam Asam Laksa.

The family business, that everyone works like a machine..

Asam Laksa @ Pasar Air Itam, Penang
The most famous Asam Laksa in Penang for very long time. I remembered eating it during my first ever visit to Penang when I was still 11. The soup is murky with the blended fish meat. It has a strong fishy aroma thanks to the heavy drizzling of prawn paste. Ambience wise, it is situated by the wet market, so can you imagine? However, the taste is fantabulous. Not a bowl of Asam Laksa to be missed upon patronising Kek Lok Si.

We nicely managed to make it for the train at 12.45pm.

Penang Hill welcoming landmark

Uphill with the train to the Penang Hill

Ramley Burger @ Penang Hill
At 800m above sea level, this gotta be the fresh-made Ramley Burger that I consumed at the highest altitude. It is fresh, hot and consuming it with the chilly breeze of air, made my visit to Penang Hill an unforgettable one.

Two cocunuts tree standing tall under the sunny day blue sky of Penang Hill

Penang Island, undoubtedly a Pearl of Orient

We chill around on top the hill till about 3pm before we went down to have our tea break at Lorong Selamat about 4pm before heading to Batu Ferringhi for the beach at 5pm.

Curry Laksa @ Hawker Stall near Midtown Cafe,Lorong Selamat
Curry laksa in Penang is very special as they come with prawn, sotong, and jelly blood. The laksa is very clear, not spicy at all but still maintaining the curry laksa taste. Good for those that can't take spicy stuff. I would rate this slightly above average.

Mee Jawa @ Hawker Stall near Midtown Cafe, Lorong Selamat
This Mee Jawa is fantastically awesome. So good, that we ordered 3 plates of it and finished them all! It just costs RM 3, and it tasted very genuinely of Jawa Mee. The gravy is seasoned nicely. No boric acid from the mee can be tasted while not forgetting the condiments of all the fried stuff are fresh. Truly awesome.

Popiah @ Hawker Stall near Midtown Cafe, Lorong Selamat
Seriously, this Popiah failed badly. Tasteless, too watery, too soggy. Even my dad which is not so picky, complained about this popiah. Gg stuff.

Fried Oyster / Oh Jien @ Hawker Stall near Midtown Cafe, Lorong Selamat
Looked good, tasted even better. Charred smell (wok-hei) can be tasted in every bites of it. Oyster used were big, fresh and juicy. It is not starcy as opposed to the one we had at Gurney Drive. Seasoned nicely, making it a sin not to indulge in this sinfully fantastic Oh Jien. Oh-la-la, I miss this Oh Jien badly..

Process of Nutmeg

The serenity that is being offered @ Miami Beach, Batu Ferringh

Both my parents @ Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi 12 Dec 2009

Don't you just love clear blue sky? I do!=)

Where is the rezeki of the day?

We were back to hotel about 7pm for washing up before we walk down to New Lane for our dinner. Finished dinner about 9pm and the seniors decided to head to another place to listen to some live singing.

The famous Pork Innard Porridge Stall @ New Lane, Off Jln Mccalister

Pork Innard Porridge @ New Lane, Off Jln Mccalister
It comes in generous portions of fried and steamed innards together with slices of Char Siew. Porridge texture is unbeliavably smooth. Love it every bits~! If you are a fan of innards, grab a bowl and you won't regret.

Mixed Fried Stuff Stall @ New Lane, Off Jln Mccalister
They offer fried chicken backside, chicken skin, chicken meat and taufoo. We just ordered the chicken meat and taufoo.

Fried Taufoo and Chicken coated with Belacan @ New Lane, Off Jln Mccalister
Never I thought that a fried taufoo can tasted so nice. The hint of belacan blends well with the taufoo. The outer skin is crispy while maintaining the smoothness of taufoo inside.
The fried chicken is just another Omg. It's freshly fried, crispy outside while the meat is succulent,tender and juicy. This food is too darn good.It is undescribable using word. I will be sure to eat it again next time when I visit Penang. Two thumbs and legs up.

Fried Loh Bak Ko/ Koay Kak @ New Lane, Off Jln Mccalister
It comes with prawn, slices of sotong and fishcake. Very different eh? However, taste wise, it is a bit let down. It lacks the 'wok hei' smell. Texture wise, the Koay Kay is a little too soft. Shall look for a better Koay Kak next time from another stall. Nonetheless, it still beats alot of other stalls in KL.

Chee Cheong Fun @ New Lane, Off Jln Mccalister
Really Chee-Cheong look alike, roundish and layered. The texture is just nicely solid and smooth. Gravy wise, they serve you Sweet Sauce, Chilli Sauce and the Prawn Paste. I love this type of Chee Cheong Fun. Even though I'm full, I finished whacking the whole plate.

Pork Satay @ New Lane, Off Jln Mccalister
Porky satay. It's meaty, no fat, seasoned and grilled nicely. However, the gravy its not up to par. If gravy is not your concern, this is the Satay not to be missed. Don't think KL have any yet.

Pei Yee and I relaxed by the hotel lounge with some complimentary drinks before we went off to Gurney Drive for another food fest at about 11pm.

The complimentary cordial drinks @ Sunway Hotel, Georgetown.
It is just pineapple cordial drinks.=.=

We walk around the Gurney Drive,drivng around the Penang before back to Gurney drive at 1.30am for the Man Utd vs Aston Villa match where Man Utd got beaten.

Penang Banana & Kaya Pancake @ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
My appetizers to satisfy my sweet tooth and it never failed me

Umbra Juice @ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
Tasted very pure. Good for thirst quencher.

The Asam Laksa Stall @ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
A worth trying Asam Laksa stall in Gurney Drive during the night time. I always patronise this shop whenever I craved for Asam Laksa during the night time in Penang.

Sunrise Asam Laksa@ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
It's night time, craving for Asam Laksa. Just indulge myself with a bowl of Asam Laksa.It is the similar style to the famous Air Itam Asam Laksa(murky type). Not to say the best in Penang, but nonetheless, it tasted good enough that I able to finished it up.

Char Koay Teow @ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
We wondered why do people Q-up for this CKT. Somemore claimed it is Penang Best with a thumb up. So we decided to try it, is it that good?

Self Claimed Penang Best Char Koay Teow@ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
Really darn cannot make it. No charred smell (wok hei), doesn't taste like Char Koay Teow. There is hint of raw Koay Teow Smell. Worse, it is way too salty. Prawns are small. First ever penang hawker food that I can't finish. Penang Best Char Koay Teow? Talk to my hand..

Muar Chee Stall @ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive

Muar Chee @ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
This Muar Chee is yummylicious. It is generously drizzled with mince groundnuts, making every bite of muar chee coated well with the nuts. Texture wise, soft, spongy and smooth, very unique. Personally not a fan of Muar Chee, but I finished cleariing up the whole platter. Great stuff.

Kimberly Famous Tau Foo Fah @ Gurney Hawker Fair, Gurney Drive
Coated with bron sugar. The texture of the Tau Foo Fah is so darn smooth. Just love every spoon of it, as it melts in your mouth. Awesome.

Roti Planta @ Mamak, Opposite Coffe House, Gurney Drive
Do not try it. It is too heavily drizzled with sugar

Roti Planta @ Mamak, Opposite Coffe House, Gurney Drive
Even though I have a sweet tooth, but the amount of sugar they drizzled to this roti is way too crazy. Are they promoting diabetes? Two thumbs down for the roti.

Roti tisu@ Mamak, Opposite Coffe House, Gurney Drive
Looked good but tasted the otherwise. Too much sugar were being drizzled. So bad, that I asked the manager to have a look and he decided not to charge us for the Roti tisu and Roti planta.

It's 3am again where I round off the day with another bowl of prawn mee at the Burma Road. Reached hotel almost 4am, too lazy to pack and I dozed off straight.

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