Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Becky's House Warming [31st Dec 2009]

It's 31st December, the last day of 2009. I was being called to a few outings by my friends earlier. But eventually, I opted for Becky's house warming in conjunction for a count down party, because she is my sister and yes, I always enjoyed her company. Her new house is located somewhere near Sepang, not entirely, it's more to the deep side of Puchong.

Anyway, I went there with Wern Ching and we reached about 6pm. Locating her house is not easy but thanks to GPS, we did not get lost. The house was big, pretty but there were things that were still unsorted due to the rush of shifting in. Wern Ching and I straight get down to the job by helping Becky preparing the stuff that we could which includes the likes of cutting fruits and slicing tomatoes.

The section that I love the most

The view of the front entrance

Oh yes, barbecue again after a week. But no complain, as I loved BBQ because you can choose to cook them while enjoying them later. In my opinion, party is ain't all about just eating, it's more to like having fun=)

The pit for the party

The cocunut flakes that were used to clean the hot plate

Charcoal is about ready to be on fire

There was really really alot of food being prepared by Becky, ranging from chickens to burger for grilling.

Some of the food that were ready to be grilled

Cheddar cheese mushroom

Garlic bread by Wern Ching jie

The ready food for the night
Nachos, hot dogs and fish balls, fruits, fried rice and mashed potatoes.
I'm shameless to admit that the fruits were indeed being cut me and of course Wern Ching=p

What happened to the poor chicken?

Lamb grilling on the hot stove *yum yum*

Any prawn takers?
I didn't had any of them since I don't really fancy prawns.

Charcoal coated chicken wing
Well, the chicken wing is over burnt. The prawn serve as the comparison, well, just look at the contrast.

Grilled Lamb Chop
The lamb chop was a bomb, it was perfectly marinated as the meat were well infused with the marination not forgetting the skill work of the person who grilled it. I suppose the lamb chop were 70% cooked since the meat is very juicy, succulent and tender. I must ask Becky for the secret recipe of the marination.

Garlic bread ready for indulgence
Man, I just couldn't stop myself munching this garlic bread. Each slice of the bread was heavily coated with garlic butter, thanks to Wern Ching jie who applies the garlic butter generously to them.

My first plate of food

First attempt of my Ramley Burger
Doesn't look attractive huh?

Umbrella cake by Elizabeth Chia
Wanted to try this cake badly but somehow I did not manage to. Wondering how does it taste.

Fancy sparkling juice

The fruit based liquor

Dooleys Toffee & Vodka
Same catergory as the Bailey's Irish Cream, the dairy liquor. According to Becky, this drink only sell at certain places with the nearest to us being in Thailand. It is manufactured in Australia but somehow it is not for sale there. This sounds really cheeky. And the best mixer for it will be Coca-Cola and orange juice. Am I kidding? No, but certainly, I prefer the Coca-cola mixture than the orange juice

Midori drink
First time I tried this drink was at the Bruno's Bar. It's a very sweet liquor and it goes well with Sprite. I believe, it should be better off with soda water. It tasted like the 7-11 Tutti Fruitti Slurpee.

Cheers jie~

With my both Jies, since 1999
But someone is missing in the picture, and that gotta me Michelle Seow jie.

It was 12am, Happy New year! We celebrated Isky's early birthday with a cake blowing session. We then continued with poker session, which Becky lost a little bit before the crazily funny Pictionary session.

First liquor of 2010, its Midori!

My 2nd attempt at making Ramley Burger
Definitely, it looked better now. *Droolz*

Does my face expression showed how great the burger is?

Pppp-oookkkerr face, Poker session

Mercun session
It was great hanging with some of the juniors of SMKBS which are Dexter's friends. I had fun lighting up the fire cracker despite I'm a little bit scared of it bursting in front of me.
And the moment of the session, got to be: A fire cracker that was lighted up by me fly towards the neighbour car, causing the alarm to noise. It was already 2am, and the neighbour rush out to speak to Dexter to stop the session. Well, my hand was a little bit itchy, as I couldn't stop myself from lighting up another stick stopping it. Sorry Dexter!

Pictionary session
Omg, this pictionary is not an ordinary pictionary. The mania really mean Maniac! Best of all, Elizabeth couldn't even guess a Rat picture after she able to guess Mice, Mouse,..haha. Poor thing Becky.

Left-over of the Mercun
This brings my back my memories when I'm still a kid.

Some of the people that turned up for the night

It was 4am, when we started to clean up. The girls were busy washing up the dish, while Isky and I were busy cleaning up the pit and washing the floor. By the time we were done, it was already almost 6 am. The last thing we did was to help out Becky to unveiled her new red carpet.

Becky with her new red carpet from Isky

Thank you Becky for the invitation. We do really enjoyed the session a lot! and yes, Congratulations to you and your family on moving in to the new house=)


  1. omg!!! my sai lou is finally blogggging!!!!!! <3

  2. lols,finally huh? haha..writing is good, it improves ur language=P


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