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Broga Hill Escapade [27th Dec 2009]

Finally, the Broga Hill wait has come to an end. It was planned as early as half a year ago, but due to numerous unforseen circumstances, the Broga Hill trip has been called off many times.

It has never been so timely, since Chee will be celebrating his last day as Bachelor. What a way to celebrate! The sunwayrians gathered at Sunway as early as 4.30am. 2 cars were heading down to Cheras Leisure Mall to meet up Mei Kheng.

The road was dark, the traffic was little as we heads towards Semenyih. We passed by Nottingham University before finally reached the place about 6am where we saw alot of cars being parked by the side.

The starting trail was at the oil palm estate. It was dark, but there were many people hiking up with torch light on. It was a beautiful sight, as though the firefly are lining up to the peak.

It's 6am when we start hiking up when it is still dark

People seen capturing the view near the first low peak

People everywhere, a hugely popular Broga Hill

Continuing the walk to the 2nd low peak

People seen marching on

Can you spot the city beneath?

The symbolic sign of Broga

The sun was about to rise when we reach the 2nd low peak. We didn't really bother to catch the sunrise because our mind were still asleep.

Sun rising

The sun about to lit up the whole Broga

With sis Cmun @ 2nd low peak

What a scenic view on an early Sunday

Beautiful sky

It's me at one of the boulder at 2nd low peak
This is where I got my leg hurt as I attempted to go up boulder. I like this shot a lot and credit has to go to Sai Chuen.

What doing us?

The train of my friends

Chief Nikon Officer of the day

Only for guys

The lalang just blends in well with the hill layout

The welcoming of Lalang to Broga Hill

Who said lalang is not pretty?

That's a lot people heading up!

Natural steps that were formed along the trail

It wasn't a tough hike. The trail are easy with natural steps being formed on the most trail. Up slope steepness is about 45 degree at most. We reached the false peak about 8.30am. It takes us barely 20 minutes from the 2nd low peak.

The view of 2nd low peak from False peak

The satisfied look with the chilly air

Getting ready for my homemade tuna sandwich

Some people spotted taking pictures

View from the False Peak

Can you spot the peak of Broga at the tip?

The Kinky Corp continues at Broga

There's always another higher mountain to be climb

What mountain is that?

Marching on to the peak

Waiting turns for some rock climbing time

The attached rope made it easy for climbing

The small ladder to the summit
It is definitely incomparable to Gunung Datuk

The Broga Pisang Plant spotted @ The Peak of Broga Hill

The view from the peak

We started to descend about 10am and reached the starting point about 11am.

Descending time
Helping up to straighten the rope

Never thought lalang can be so beautiful

Scenic view at the 2nd low peak

Where the sun lights up the whole town

Yet another hill done=)

With Chee @ The 1st Low Peak

Wondering what she gonna do next

Continuing to march down

A very clear path indeed

The trail that we passed by during 6am

Even a puppy exercises here

Two trails diverged in the middle, which one should you take?

Oil palm estate
The starting point of the trail. It is all dark if you opt to come here for sun rise.

Rabbit farm that situated opposite of the starting trail

Members for the day

Though I had only an hour sleep for the night before, the little hike is indeed an enjoyable one. We hope Chee enjoyed as much as we do and found a new meaning to his life after today=)

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