Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Pick of Mum's Dish [January 2010]

It has been in my blood that I love to eat delicious food. I guess part of the reason why I'm the who I am today must go largely to my mum. She had been feeding me good food since I step into the world. Undoubtedly a great cook she is, I decided to create a label for her selected signature cooking.

There is not much I can pick from my mum's cook for the past 2 weeks. Mum told me that CNY is drawing nearer, so she does not have much time to prepare lots of good dishes. That is saddening.

Deep fried Tau Foo Pok & Fish Ball
Tau foo pok is being stuffed with my mum's recipe of fish paste. According to mum, the fish paste is being mixed with minced pork and cuttlefish. This result to a unique sweetness of the fish paste. They tasted so good especially when they were just finished being deep fried.

Steamed Mini Tau Foo stuffed with Fish Paste
Each of the mini tau foo was so juicy. The fish paste were bursting with sweetness thanks to the perfectly timed steaming. So good, that I start eating up my mum's portion.

Mum's signature Fried Mee Hoon
One of my favourite mum's signature dish all time. The last time I ate this fried mee hoon was months ago. Mum said it needs a lot of preparation. The mee hoon is not oily and no black sauce was used. It is generously garnished with slices of lettuce, egg, fried onion and some carrot. Sound like an ordinary dish, however, the taste of it was indescribably fantastic as the mee hoon were well seasoned. Best of all, the mee hoon were at the original length as mum did not break them, giving you the kind of perception as though you are having longevity noddle.
And that's why, this gotta be my pick of the week.

Honestly, I'm a person that are very particular with the taste of food. Maybe this explained why some people labeled me as having a very "sharp" tongue that are very sensitive to food aroma and taste.

I'm still waiting for my mum's Asam Laksa though that she promised. However, she keep telling me that she is busy and only God knows when she will deliver her promise.

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