Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Opera Soft Launch [23rd Dec 2009]

Finally, the much awaited and anticaped soft launch of The Opera has come. It was filled with skeptism as it still under renovation in the afternoon. Workers was seen carrying in furnitures, painting while some busy fixing the exterior.

The Opera 2 days before the soft launch

The work still going in the noon of the soft launch

The time of the soft launch as per the invitation was set at 8pm. Thus, we planned to meet up at 7.30pm by the entrance to have some allowance for registration. Mei Kheng and I was a little late as we took our dinner first before meeting up with Chee, Gt,Gm, Gp and Beng which is already on the way going in.

The opera building by itself

The blue lounge

Red lights lit up the staircase

Strict rules

By near to 8, I am already inside. The interior design was breathtaking, with alot of unique sculpture and structure. There was also a huge stage to cater the circus performance. They claimed it's the first in Malaysia, yes I so agree. The feeling was as though we were partying in a private house. The space span was huge. I was so amazed with the Opera. Nothing beats it at the moment based from my clubbing experience in terms of the interior design.

The huge center stage with a wide display screen

Magnificent interior design

Foods ranging from tuna biscuit to cakes were being served to us while we waited for the official announcement of the free flow. By 8.30pm, Hock Beng went to the Red Area and came back wth a glass of oranga vodka. Free flow has started, but we don't hear it, or did we missed it?

It was packed with people

Chee, Hock Beng, Mei Kheng and I went up to the Red Area to get our shares of free drinks. How lucky I was when I was able to get a seat just in front of the bar serving liqour ranging from vodka to whisky. Besides I get to know some new faces by my side that help me to get some free Tiger beer further down the long bar without queueing.

People queuing at the long lounge bar for drinks

Vodka with pink guava and orange juice

The bartender that serves up bottomless drinks

Michael, Iris and Wei Keat eventually turned up about 9.30pm. By this time, Chee and the Guek's sis have moved from the Circus Area to the Red Area as well. We drink continuously and bottomlessly, passing on the drinks from the bar to the rest. By 10ish, Pui Yee turned up.

With the guys, let cheers !

Does that look kinky?

The view of the stage from Long Lounge

My friends @ The Opera Soft Launch

Free flow ended by by 10.30pm. We went to Ming Tien for some bites before heading home. It was indeed a good good night. Soft launch has never been better than this. See you again The Opera.

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