Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kenny Rogers @ Home [1st Jan 2010]

It's new year! The first day of year 2010. I was asleep till 5pm. I did not have my lunch because I was too tired to get up. Just feel like lazing around on the bed. When I was about to wake up, I heard Mum knocking on to my door "Jun, are you going out for dinner later?" I quickly get myself up, open the door and answered my mum " Nope, will be home. I need some rest."

I asked her whether is there anything going on later? She told me that our neighbour plan to treat us a Kenny Rogers dinner. I was like, "BBQ chicken again?". Then maybe I shall prepare myself for the outing. Mum said, "No, we are having it at home". I asked her that is our neighbour going to take away? She answered me that it will be through phone order and some people will deliver to us. I'm amazed, since when Kenny Rogers have delivery?

Original Roasted Chicken

Black Pepper Roasted Chicken
It has been ages since I last had Kenny Rogers. I guess the last time I had it was 2 years ago. They still tasted pretty much the same. Meat is still tender and it is well marinated. However, I don't like really their marination as it lacks sweetness. Obviously, between the two chicken, I preferred the black pepper, simply because I'm a fan of black pepper flavor.

Since, I had a lot of grilled stuff of late, I did not had a lot of the roasted chicken. Instead, I filled up my stomach with the side dishes. Was it me or something else, but somehow the taste of the side dishes have deteriorated.

Chicken Rice, Potatoes in olive oil, Green Salad
The chicken rice is very fragrant while there is nothing much to shout about the others.

Mash Potatoes, Pasta, Coleslaw
Mash potatoes is too diluted. Pasta is tasteless while the coleslaw lacks the taste of a coleslaw should be. And suddenly, it reminds me of KFC coleslaw and mash potatoes that tasted much more better.

Muffin & Garlic Bread
Ahh yess, the muffin still tasted very great. It is fragrant and the texture is soft and melts in your mouth. No complain about it.

Kenny Rogers is my first dinner of year 2010. However, it does not satisfied my taste bud and my stomach. I'm looking for greater food ahead of this what would be a great year. Kenny Rogers has never been in my craving and I don't think they will. Definitely, it will be a long long time before I indulge myself with Kenny Rogers again.

Happy New Year 2010 people! May this year is a better one than the last for everyone!=)

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