Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovely Candies

Sticky candy is the Australian renowned homemade candy that are famous for it's custom made candy. I remembered trying these candies back in 2006, where my friend let me to have only a single piece(stingy her!) of the candy. When I asked her where did she get that yummy candy, she answered me "This candy sit plane come back one ar. In Malaysia don't have one!"

Lovely shape of love

Can you see the various type of fruits shape?
It tasted exactly like the fruit taste!
The loved-shape tasted like love, no, I mean Apple.

One big family, but where is Watermelon?
A jar of this mixture candies is being sold at RM 19.90

Obviously, I received this Sticky Candy as my exchange gift during the Christmas Eve. Watermelon is missing because it tasted superb and everyone attacking the poor Watermelon and it finishes the moment I shared out my candies! How sad=(

So does that mean that, my friend, Guek Theeng bought this Sticky Candy from the Australia? Definitely not. A branch of Sticky Candy shop had just opened back in November last year at One Utama shopping centre. So far to date, it is known that it is the only branch in Malaysia. I bet there will be more opening up soon since this candy received hot reception.

My collection of candies

I do have a sweet-tooth and I just love candies. You named it from Mentos to the Kit Kat, I just love them all! Guess I have to control before Mr. Diabetes attacks me.

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