Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Solstice Festival [22nd Dec 2009]

Another year passed by, time flies really. It's yet another Chinese winter festival where "tong yuen" were made famous. The date for this festival is fixed at 22nd Dec of each year.

It's a belief that this Winter Festival is indeed more important than the Chinese reunion dinner. The moment you ate 'tong yuen', is the moment where you will be considered a year older.

We enjoyed chatting while making the "tong tuen" the night before and having a simple reunion dinner.

Raw Tong Yuen

The dish prepared by my mum was simple as Mum is getting lazier as the year goes by.

Tong Yuen in Sugar Water

Tong Yuen Soup

Lettuce Fish Ball Soup

Steamed Chicken

Roasted Pork

Condiments for chicken
Spring onion, minced garlic and ginger soaked in sesame oil

Anchovies Lady Finger

Simple dishes on the Winter Solstice Festival 2009

But nonetheless, the meaning of the festival is still there. Hope that I will always be able to celebrate this festival with my both parents.

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