Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Pizza Hut Time [19th Dec 2009]

I'm home alone. Parents went up north for relatives visiting. Suppose to go for NTV 7 All Stars concert but was called off due to the lack of people. It was drizzling then, no food at home. Getting hungry about 3pm, straight pop my mind, time for some pizzas!

I used to fancy Domino's but too much consumption of it making me feel bored with the taste. What else, Pizza Hut is the answer. I do not call them. Instead I ordered through online which I have been practicing since 2007.

Online ordering allowed you to flip through the menu electronically. You can view the pictures of your desired pizzas. Besides, you do not need to wait for the busy operator system to answer your call. Best of all, they offered unbeatable promotions which are only available through Pizza Hut Online.

2 regular pizzas that cost only RM 24.05 after tax and delivery charges
Doesn't it fit into the category of cheap, nice and delicious? Feasible for 2-4 persons.

The confirmed slip
Pizza will be delivered within 30minutes but that day was delivered after 25minutes upon the submission of the order.

After 26 minutes..

Royal Masala Thin Crust @ Pizza Hut
Just like eating biscuits with chicken masala fillings with some spicy taste.

Hawaian Supreme @ Pizza Hut
Regular hawaiian pizza size. Can feed for 1-2 persons.

Just look at the cheese. It's sinful for the body watcher but it is even more sinful for the taste bud not to indulge in it.

Extra cheese, extra meat and pineapples.
What's more can I ask for. Love every bite of it. Just exquisite!

Pizza Hut promised to deliver within 30mins to your doorstep, and it have never failed me since I practiced online ordering. So what to wait for people? Time to switch from phone ordering to online ordering.

So the next time you are craving for pizzas, be sure to try ordering online. You will be amazed with their efficiency of service and the sizzling hot pizzas!

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