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Hot Burning X-Mas Eve [24th Dec 2009]

It's the festives season again. It's Christmas eve. This time round, the Guek's became the host and organised a little session for us. They bought, they marinate and they prepared it for us. All we need to do is just bringing ourself.

Hock Beng and I reached the place about 6pm. Some of Adeline's friend were seen helping around. Hock Beng helped to start the fire while I was busy taking some photos around.

The pits for the day

Food that are ready to be burned

Mei Kheng was early, reached about 6.30pm. Chee eventually reached about 8ish followed by Michael. Iris joined us much later because she needed to attend another session in Seri Kembangan.

Hot Rocks by Guek Theeng
Looked good, tasted even better after grillings.

Salad and Fried Rice by Adeline
I did not tried them but Mei Kheng said it is not an ordinary Fried Rice.

Cutie-cutie jelly

Skill works of Adeline. Two thumbs up!

Can you guess the meaning of it?

Skewing some chicken wing

The atmosphere was great. Everyone were seen busy catching with each other, chatting while some enjoyed bbq-ing stuff. The chicken tasted good, especially the Hot-Rocks prepared by Guek Theeng.

CBO, Chief BBQ Officer in the office

First round of grilling

Fire burning on the pit!

The perfectly grilled nuggets, hot dogs and the hot rocks

Hot Rocks
Succulent and juicy, tasted exquisite after some drizzling of spices

Does it look tempting?

Now, this is what I called a perfectly grilled chicken wings!

A nicely skewed ham

Candy or snowflakes?

There were 2 games prepared by Gm and Gt. The first game were taboo, where you were not supposed to mention certain words in describing to your teammates. The second game meanwhile was merely a message passing on.

Team B in action

Team A in action

Team A vs Team B script

It's Christmas time, and the gift exchange begins. I got Sticky candy from Gt. By 12.30am alot of people have dispersed. We helped to clean up before continuing the next session.

The gifts for exchange

The next session is our Pyramid Session which involved the usual suspects. Need not to be introduced already, it's a fun and crazy game with alcohol as a punishment. This time it is crazier, with 2decks involved and a bottle of 1 litre Whisky was finished even before the round ends. My stomach feels a little gg, very acidic towards the end of the game.

Toxic for the night

The revamped version of pyramid game. Crazier and longer!

The group of us for the night

It was 4.30am when we dispersed respectively. Special thanks to the Gueks for organising and inviting us to the party. We enjoyed it a lot=)

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