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Kanching Waterfalls Get-Away [3rd Jan 2010]

The first week of the new year. Our adventurous activites must not be halted. It shall continued where it was from last year. This time round, we decided for some soaking in the waterfalls.

There were supposedly more people joining, since I invited more than 10 people. Unfortunately, many people cannot make it at the very last hour. Feeling very demotivated at first and wanted to call it of. However, we carried on with the plan and the plan did not turned us down.

It was drizzling when we were heading to Selayang. We decided to have our breakfast at this mamak near Batu Caves while waiting for the rain to stop after meeting up with Mei Kheng.

The uniquely wrapped Nasi Lemak

Our breakfast

We headed down to the falls at about 8.30am and reached after almost an hour of driving. We went around the area near the falls as my GPS went hair-wired due to the cloudy condition.

Ample car park

Signboard erected

The map that has no legends

Strict rules to adhere

Well-paved trail to the entrance

After approximately of 5 minutes walk, we finally saw the entrance trail to the waterfalls. The park were well maintained and it was beautifully landscaped. This is where the humans artwork meets the God creation at it's best.

Beautiful landscaping

Far end where the entrance trail is

Stream or drain?

Peaceful stream by the entrance

After some toilet-break and gearing up, it's about time for us to start our adventure of looking for waterfalls. And this is where it all begins.

The entrance to the trail

Koala Bear?

The early paved trail

After barely 10 minutes of walk, we could hear the water falling sound gets louder. We quickly changed our direction, descended the natural trail that leads to the 1st Fall of the Kanching.

Natural trail to the 1st Fall

The 1st Waterfall
As you can see, there were stairs and a platform to enjoy the scenic view of the waterfall. The waterfall is strong, and it was a great sight. We lingered around before we saw an even better waterfall right above us.

View of 2nd Waterfall from the 1st Fall

The 2nd waterfall features a twin falls, where it continues to flow to the 1st waterfall. There is a pool below the 2nd waterfall which is not deep. It is good for some soaking but definitely not suitable for swimming.
Panoramic view of 2nd fall

Clean and clear water for some washing

The unique tree at the 2nd Fall

We continued hiking up after we were being amazed the 2nd fall. Should we call it lucky or unlucky as there were staircase leading up to more waterfalls above. Well, I actually prefer natural trail as it does get your brain into some thinking on where to step next.

Ready made staircase

We made it to yet another waterfall, *count fingers*, the 3rd one. Oh man, this waterfall was even prettier than the previous one. Best of all, it offers a pool where it is deep enough for people to swim and do some diving. Not surprisingly, it was indeed a popular spot where it was packed with people camping on to their spot.
The 3rd Waterfall

People were seen swimming and diving here

Pretty cascades above the 3rd waterfall

The view where the top cascades flows down to form the pool
This panoramic view was taken from the trail side heading up. At the time of visit, the trail were natural and works is undergoing to construct paved trails.

More stairs leading up @_@

Our love for this waterfalls park just get deeper as we heading up. Man, it never fail to stop surprising us with even more and more of scenic waterfall. Each of the waterfall has it's own unique attributes and terrain. We couldn't wait what is waiting for us at the top.

It took another 15 minutes from the 3rd Waterfall to reached the 4th one.
The 4th Waterfall
This waterfall is tall and I suppose the fall should be stronger during the raining season from April to August. There was a little shallow pool beneath. It is not suitable for any swimming. Many parents were seen bringing in their kids for some dipping here.

Us at the 4th Waterfall

It's me at the 4th Waterfall

The sun lights shining upon us

The paved trail to be passed upon heading to the 4th Waterfall

Marching on for more waterfalls on top

Back view of the staircase from the 4th Waterfall

Peaceful stream seen during our way up

It's back to natural trail!

Some crossing of the little stream is normal

Hanging on to my stick

Malaysians should learn not to simply throw the rubbish round

After about another 20 minutes of walk, we could hear another loud noises of water falling. And yes, we have reached the 5th Waterfall.
The 5th Waterfall
I personally love this fall the most, reasons being that it was not packed, and it was surrounded by trees creating a very cooling environment. Besides, it offers a pool which is not too deep where it is suitable for some swimming. The strong waterfall make it a nice place for some massages at the back, giving you a feeling that you were actually on a jacuzzi.

Happily at the 5th Waterfall

We planned to hike further up to check if there is any more falls ahead. However, due to this unfortunate event, we have to call it off. It was disgusting and eeeww...

The leech
When I was busy snatching pictures, I heard Weng Onn and they all were toying with a leech. I stoned a while and suddenly, I realized there was something crawling on my feet. I shrugged off my feet and a look at it, I saw a huge leech crawling out after feeding on my blood! It was too late to prevent as he was already eaten full=.=

That's my foot, and the blood flowing out like fountain =.=

Agitated, but for the love of the 5th Waterfall

We make a U-turn to descend to the stream before the 5th Waterfall for some picnic.

Another stream crossing

No more leeches please

Heading down to the spot near the stream

In between the 5th Waterfall and the 4th Waterfall, there is a spot by the stream which is perfect for picnic. There was a small cascade, a little pool and spot to erect a camp. Best of all, this spot is not packed and is shed by the tall trees.

The pool by the picnic spot

Can you spot the mini cascade?

Ahh, yes the watermelon time~

We are loving it=)

California Maki by Mei Kheng
Thank you Mei Kheng for the hassles of preparing this sushi=)

Red juicy watermelon by Me=P

Us meditating at the cascade

The masterpiece by the Uncle

The strong current of the stream flowing down

What a beautiful unpolluted stream

Mini little stove by Uncle

Wild berries?

Time for some "Tit Guan Yin" tea

The Kinky Corp munching on sushi to the sushi
Iris yaya, where were you? We missed you, ya know?

The both uncle whom we get to know
Both of them were nice and friendly, offering us the tea and stove. The blue pants uncle was busy collecting stone for his masterpiece. Meanwhile, the black pants uncle was busy sharpening his army blade. Thanks uncle for helping me to sharpened my watermelon knife as well. Apparently, they told us that both of them and their friends always be on there on every Sunday.

It's almost 1pm and we decided to move down for some soaking at the previous waterfall.

Clear straight trail to the 4th Waterfall

It's the 4th Waterfall again=)

Falls are good for "head storming"

Or even some Jacuzzi

The strong diverted fall from the 4th Waterfall
This is where the only pool is being offered at the 4th Waterfall. It is quite deep as I was stepping on a rock for this picture.

The never ending falls from the top

It was near to 1.30pm when reached the starting point of the entrance trail.

The clumsy me

The stream at the entrance is now packed with people

The members

All of us fell in love with the Kanching Waterfalls. We used to chillax at Gabai Waterfall, but unfortunately that falls is way too polluted and infested with people. This is the waterfall to go for be it relaxation or some little adventure. I love every bit of the park and will definitely return there very soon for more waterfalls ahead=)


  1. hi, I was browsing the net to get reviews on this waterfall and stumbled yours. thanks a lot for this informative post. would really love to visit the Kanching waterfall with my family! :)

  2. Hi Nadine. You are welcome and glad that this post is informative to you=) Yes, do visit this waterfall as the accessibility is easy and well maintained. Best of all it is not polluted and it's very near the busy metropolis of KL=)

  3. Hi, thanks for the step by step information on the waterfall. Would like to go there this CNY.

  4. Hey, thanks for being so descriptive with information on the waterfall. Would like to take my boys to visit.

  5. hi, thanks for upload the beautiful pictures and give details

  6. Hi Ken Jun,
    Really impressed with d way u posted your waterfall adventure. The flow of information and pictures lets feel like we are going along too. Very nicely made.
    It's sad to see pple polluting such beauty of nature tho'.
    Thanks a lot. Think our family will go there too.


  7. Hi, I was googling for KL/sel waterfalls n found yr blog... Thanks for sharing this informative n3... :D


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