Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pre X-Mas Dinner with PRians @ Delicious Cafe, Mid Valley [18th Dec 2009]

A dinner was called upon to be at 8pm. I reached Mid Valley about 7.30pm and I gave Nai Shan a ring to ask her whereabout. I was surprise that she together with Phui Shan has arrived.

I told them I will meet them at Alexis. I was looking around for Alexis, still can't find. Then I heard someone calling my name. It was Phui Shan together wit Mei Mei in the premium tea shop, shopping for tea. How coincidental can it be? Mei Mei looked very drained. Hope she will be alright real soon.

We walked around and pit stoped at the Borders while waiting for the rest. Phillip arrived first, followed by King and eventually being joined by Nai Shan and Quennie.

We were forced to forgo Alexis since they do not have place for us inside the shop and we refused to sit outside. We checked out Delicious, but it was full as well, so we decided to hang around the Centre Court of Mid Valley. The surroundings were pretty with the decorations. Eventually, Curian turned up.

It was almost 9pm when we finally manage to get a table to dine at Delicious. I did not enjoy the dinner, thanks to the pasta that I ordered doesn't blends well with my taste bud.

Delicious Cafe @ Mid Valley
First time dining here, don't really think the food was superb. Perhaps, it is not my liking or did I ordered the wrong one?

Fried Fish Cake @ Delicious Cafe, Mid Valley
The fish cake are way too oily. Taste wise, very average.

Thai Style Crab Meat Spaghetti @ Delicious Cafe, Mid Valley
Too much of herb leaves, resulted in a very strong herbal aroma. Tasted very bland. Cannot taste the presence of crab meat. Any instant noodle taste better than this.

Carbonara Chicken Spaghetti @ Delicious Mid Valley
Tasted like an average carbonara sauced spaghetti. Anything else to comment?

Duck Spaghetti@ Delicious Mid Valley
I find the taste is uniquely good. This deserve some credit for it's taste. My verdict is slightly above average.

Fizzy Lemon @ Delicious Cafe, Mid Valley
Tasteless. It is just a mixture of Soda water and lemon. Even after adding sugar syrup to it, the drink still tasted very flat. Poor Mei Mei, I guess you would love 7-up more.

I love Kl~yes, I do..

This is crazy..

Washroom @ the Gardens
Worth paying for RM 5?

We headed back to the Gardens, with the intention to catch up with Jeff and Sandy. They eventually finished their Avatar at when it's almost Midnight. Catch up a while and all of us dispersed respectively.

The familiar suspects..

Phui Shan fetched me home and oh well, she accidentally understeered on a corner and resulted in minor scratches to her Merz. Ouch=.=

Guess I won't be seeing you all anytime soon til the next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you guys=)

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