Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pearl of Orient Get-Away Day 3 [13th Dec 2009]

Due to the unforseen circumstances, we needed to head back KL earlier. The proposed plan to have Loh Mee at Lorong Selamat as breakfast, tasting the Mee Goreng @Esplande before departing to Bukit Tambun by ferry to have seafood was canceled.

We got up as early as 630am, doing last minute packing before heading for Dim Sum at the Jalan Mccalister at 8am. Dim Sum was nice and cheap for 5 of us.

Siew Mai @ Dim Sum Shop, Off Jalan Mccalister
Looks good, tasted even better than it look.

Yu Mai @ Dim Sum Shop, Off Jalan Mccalister
Pure is the word to describe this yu mai.

Yong Tau Foo @ Dim Sum Shop, Off Jalan Mccalister
It was an alright platter. Nothing to wow about though.

Leave Wrapped Glutinious Rice @ Dim Sum Shop, Off Jalan Mccalister
The texture of the glutionious rice is perfect thanks to the perfectly timed steaming.

Char Siew Pastry
It is generously filled with fillings. The textue of the pastry is fine and melts in your mouth. The char siew fillings were fantastically infused.

Cantonese Fried
I do not mind eating a heavy breakfast of this great cantonese fried everyday. Wok hei was superb, can still be tasted after the meal.

It's a self service dim-sum shop. Many people seen flocking here as early as 7.30am. Too bad I can't recall the name of the shop.

We start the journey back to KL at 9am. At about 11ish, we stopped by Ipoh town for "Hor Yi Fun" as brunch. I skipped the brunch as I was feeling a bit gg with headache. Lack of sleep I suppose. We continued the journey back after getting some salted chicken from the Ipoh town.

Hor Yi Fun @ Ipoh Town
A slightly above average fish ball noodle soup. The fishball is spongy though.

Ipoh Salted Chicken Shop
Now I know where it is situated, since most of the time I just eat the chicken that my parents bought for me.

Rm 16 is a reasonable price or the whole bird.

We reached home about 2.30pm. No doubt the trip was tiring, but nonetheless I enjoyed every single minute of it. It has been sometimes since I went for a get-away with my parents. No complain for the trip as we had almost all the best food in Penang.

It was great to catch up with you Pei Yee. Thank you so much for allocating your precious time to us. I do hope you enjoyed as much as we do=))

See you again Penang, you are definitely a Pearl of Orient.

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