Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Strolling @ The Curve [Christmas 2009]

Since we were at Damansara, we deciced to walk around the Curve after the Chrismas dinner. I have always like the Curve because this place is very memorable to me where I always hang out with my former colleagues.

Somehow ironic, I have never been to the Curve before during the festive season where their Christmas decoration was considered as one of the best around. It would be good to see how great it is for the year 2009.

Decoration along The Walk

Decoration at the open space between E@Curve and The Walk

The various Xmas trees @ The Curve

The decoration spotted n the trees

People everywhere!

Look at my both parents with the 'snow'

That's right, it is foam

Merry Christmas Dad & Mum!

Angel is waiting

The love cupid

The infamous landmark decoration at the Concourse

The serious look of Dad

Numerous Christmas tree spotted

Couldn't resist myself from taking a picture with the nice decoration=p

The decoration at the Curve did lived up to my expectation although it didn't really wow me. The part I enjoyed the most was the 'snowing' part. It give me the feeling as though I'm having a white Christmas. Haha!

Merry Christmas 2009 my friends! It's time to be jolly and be merry!=)

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