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Pearl of Orient Get-Away Day 1 [11 Dec 2009]

It's year end. This time round, my family planned to visit Pearl of Orient. I've always love Penang, because of it mass varieties of delicious food and it's surrounded by sea. Besides, it has been a long time since I visited Penang and definitely it is the time to check out my Penang friends and it's surroundings.

We headed to the NSE Highway at 8am from Cheras and reached Sg. Buloh rest area about 8.30am. I don't feel well because I didn't sleep the night before. My stomach feel gg thanks to the previous night drinking session. Went to bought a KFC breakfast meal together that includes a Milo. Ate it while in the car and we continue the Journey to Bidor.

We reached Bidor about 9.40am. I went looking around for washroom because I feel like throwing out. My parents had the breakfast here but I didn't as my stomach still feeling upset. I just stole a fishball from my dad's meal. We left Bidor about 10.30am and I visited the R&R area again for the 3rd

Mixed Fishball Soup @ Bidor Town
Can't make it. The fillings are just way too salty.

From this onwards, I slept along in the car. By the time I'm awake, I've already reached Bukit Mertajam. Feeling much better now. We crossed the Penang Bridge by 1pm and reached Sunway Hotel half an hour later. We were waiting to check in, while I called Pei Yee for a meet up.

Symbolic sign of Penang

We had Chicken Rice as our lunch before heading to the famous expensive Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow. Since the weather is hot, we carry on with the famous Penang Road Cendol and Asam Laksa.

Roasted Meat Platter @Federal Restaurant, Lorong Susu
We ordered the roasted chicken, steamed chicken and the "Char Siew".
The Char Siew is a bomb. The meat is succulent, tender and it melts in your mouth. I just love the Char Siew so much. The rice is the shop specialty. The rice being served is in Hainanese Style. The rice is very aromatic, not forgetting to mention the texture of the rice that is very tender. You just gotta eat it to believe it. The Sour Vegetable Soup which come as a complimentary(not in the pic), is another wow. Spicy and sour, just exotic and you can't stop sipping it. Way too orgasmic. The both chicken meat though, tasted very average.

The famous Goggle Auntie that fries the famous Char Koay Teow @ Lorong Selamat.
But where is her goggle this time?

Famous Char Koay Teow @ Lorong Selamat
The charred-smell (wok hei) can be tasted in each of the koay teow. Just too good to be true. The best ever Char Koay Teow I ate in my life. This CKT which has just 2 big prawns and some slices of Pork Sausages, comes in a hefty price of RM 6.50. But it is worth every penny of it. Do expect at least half an hour wait for this CKT. Even, Dr. Choong Kwai Fatt (best tax advisor in Malaysia) quoted that "I feel like crying" when he ate this Char Koay Teow.

Look at people who is Q-ing and crazing for the Teowchew cendol @ Penang Road

Penang Road Cendul @ Penang Road, near Komtar
Still tasted good but somehow it not as good compared to my previous visit back in 2007. Was it because I am full already?
Nonetheless, the cendols, kidney read beans are very fresh. Remember to ask for less sweet upon ordering if you do not have a sweet tooth. Still one of the best Cendol around in Malaysia.

With the Penang people Py that can't lead me to this stall..lols~=P

The Auntie that operates the Penang Road Laksa while the Uncle is preparing the noodle together with the vegetables.

Asam Laksa @ Penang Road, by the shop of the Famous Cendul
The soup is clear and not murky and it comes in a generous portion of lettuce, mint leaves and bites of fish. A different type of Asam Laksa but definiely one of the best around.

Rojak @ Penang Road, by the booth of the new shop setup by the Penang Road Famous Cendol to accomodate customers.
First rojak for this Penang Trip. Drizzled with lots of minced groundnuts making everybite of the fruits are well coated with the nuts. No complain at all, great stuff.

With both my parents @ the street off Penang Road

It's 5ish, when we returned to the hotel. We chilled a little while by the pool side. By 7.30pm, we continued on with dinner at the restaurant in Gurney Drive. After the dinner, we walked along the street and catch up some hawker food at the Gurney Drive.

Claypot Bean Curd @Restaurant 77 Famous Curry Fish Head, Gurney Drive
Passed my taste bud but little bit too salty but goes well with plain rice.

Stir-Fried Siew Pak Choy @Restaurant 77 Famous Curry Fish Head, Gurney Drive
A normal-taste of stir-fried siew pak choy, least the vegetables are fresh

Stuffed Lobak @ Restaurant 77 Famous Curry Fish Head, Gurney Drive
The lobak is stuffed with some tender chicken meat making this lobak is very unique from other lobaks. It's crispy from the outisde and tender inside. Another specialty in the house not to be missed. Both my parents love this dish alot even though they don't fancy lobak.

Steamed Otak-Otak @Restaurant 77 Famous Curry Fish Head, Gurney Drive
Another unique dish in the shop. The otak-otak served is in a flat layer instead of the usual thick layer. Alot of fish meat can be tasted together with the presence of strong aroma of the "Kalao" leaves herb. I find this dish so-so because I do not fancy strong aroma of herbs leave. However, my mum love this dish so much.

Curry Fish Head @ Restaurant 77 Famous Curry Fish Head, Gurney Drive
The signature dish. Fresh grouper fish head are being cooked in a curry sauce. This is not an ordinary curry fish as it is being cooked without the santan milk, making this dish a very healthy serving while maintaing the typical nice aroma of curry sauce. So good that the whole bowl was cleared up, even to the last sipping of the sauce.

The banner

The night scenes of the most happening street in Penang, the Gurney Drive

Lightings of interior @ G-Hotel, Gurney Drive

The usual view of the Busy Gurney Drive Hawker Fair

Rojak Stall @ Penang Gurney Drive
One of the proclaimed famous Gurney Drive rojak. It was good but could not match the one we had at the Penang Road during the noon time.

Fried Oyster @ Gurney Drive
First fried oyster in Penang. Disappointed! Too starchy with too much presence of corn/tapioca flour. However, the oyster are fresh though.

We head back to hotel about 11pm. My parents, auntie and uncle went for rest while I waited for Pei Yee and Phooi Khuan for the next session. Pei Yee arrived first while Phooi Khuan arrived about 11.40pm. We head off to Sunset Bistro for some chilling and catching up session. It was beautiful, I love the ambience very much.

Siew Mai @ Hawker Stall at New Lane
It's been long since I tasted a yummy street siew-mai. It just cost 40 cents a piece and it is home made. Best of all it matches the criteria of Cheap, Nice, Tasty. I wanted to have it a second helping on the next day, but just too bad, the stall was on leave!!=((

Us at Sunset Bistro~

We round the day off with the prawn mee at the Burma Road.

Prawn Mee @ Greenhouse, Jalan Burma
Only serves after 10pm. The only prawn Mee that I had for my this trip. So yummy that I finished up my bowl and Phooi Kuan's bowl at the wee time of 3am. Went there for the second time on the the next midnight. Just too unbelievably good. Many people cladded in clubbing attire visited this stall, supposingly for supper after their clubbing. A 15 minutes of wait is normal.

Thank you Phooi Khuan for bringing me to this stall=)

I drove Pei Yee back while Phooi Khuan escorted behind and fetch me back to hotel eventually. It's 3.30am by the time I reached hotel. Time for a short rest before I continue the next day.

It was great to see you again Phooi Khuan. Thanks for everything. Hope to see you again real soon=)

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