Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kong Sai Restaurant @ Sunway Mentari Phase 2

My second day of year 2010 continued with eating marathon. Mum was lazy to cook, so we decided to have a simple dinner. At first, I was very reluctant to join because my stomach is still full with the sushi from Tokyo-G. After much persuasion, I gave in, telling parents that I will only eat a little bit.

Mum told us that her neighbour did mentioned to her about the existence of this restaurant called "Guang Zhou" near Sunway Mentari. We went rounding the area, but to no avail, we still could not locate the restaurant. It was drizzling, and my dad is getting hungry so I suggested "Kong Sai Restaurant" which I heard the main branch is actually located in Taman Paramount.

As we flipped through the menu, Mum told us that the dish here looked similar to those described by her neighbour. Mum, oh Mum...

Pork Belly stuffed with Yam (RM 12)
The pork belly were well marinated and cooked. Each of the pork belly were soft and tender. I couldn't care much about the fats as I ate them as well. It definitely lives up to the label as the signature dish.

Stir fried "Yau Mak" with spicy bean curd (RM 6)
The "yau mak" were well flavoured with bean curd not forgetting to mention the presence of the "wok hei". Not an ordinary stir fried vegetable.

Stuffed Tau Foo Pok with Fish Paste (RM 6 for 5 pcs)
One of their signature dish here. However, there is nothing to shout about this dish. The fish paste tasted a little bit bland and not spongy. There is definitely other places that serve this dish better. I rate it as very average.

Hot Pepper Pork Intestine Soup (RM 15 per claypot)
The soup come in a claypot with a very generous portion of button mushroom, chunk of pork and slices of pig stomach. The soup was well flavoured with a very strong presence of pepper. It gives you a burning sensation upon every sipping into your mouth. One of their famous dish here, this soup is definitely worth trying if you love hot pepper soup.

Total dish that costed us RM 43
Obviously, it includes plain rice and some drinks for us.

First time, first dinner outing of the year 2010. We were all satisfied. Though I did mentioned earlier that I would not eat that much, I somehow broke that promise because the food tasted very good!

Atmosphere: 5/10
Food: 7/10 (non-halal)
Price: 6/10
Verdict: Great food that will be sure to put a smile to your stomach and wallet.

Location: Sunway Mentari Business Park Phase 2, opposite the row of the famous Tasty Pot Steamboat.

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